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So because I haven’t accomplished much this week, writing wise, to speak about and don’t have a fluid way of doing this post I’m going to break it up in BOLD. 🙂

NOTE: We are having a wicked thunderstorm right now and I love it!

WRITING – I have decided I will rewrite the beginning of the book, cutting down the first 5 chapters into 3. I need to reduce the word count anyway and there is an excessive amount of unnecessary details in these chapters. I’ve avoided it the last two days. I will resume Monday though – for sure.

MUSIC – Musically this week, I sampled lots of music online and via the library and finally purchased some the other night. You wouldn’t think I’d need more music considering I just recently got such an abundance of it that it nearly took over my life, but somehow I’m still hungry for more. And what I’ve found was ever so satisfying that I feel compelled to share the handful I’m playing on repeat tonight with you.

Arctic Monkeys – I didn’t realize that when they released singles they also included several other new songs because I own the albums and haven’t needed to buy a single. When this dawned on me yesterday I went a little nuts with purchases, but it was worth it. The two I’m listening to the most:

I Haven’t Got my Strange

Fright Lined Dining Room

I couldn’t find this on youtube anywhere so you can only preview it HERE, but this is my favorite download of the bunch, so check it out!

Sleepy Sun – I first saw this band opening for Arctic Monkeys so it’s fitting that their latest album “Fever” would come out when I have an epiphany about Arctic Monkeys B-side tracks. One of the songs on their album is available right now on Amazon for FREE download so I urge you to just go and download it to listen to it, it costs you nothing and you may end up with a free song you enjoy. Shoot, the entire album is 3.99 today, it’s worth the purchase.

FREE Song: Open Eyes – Click HERE to download.

Marina – I couldn’t find the album version of this, and this was the best live version of it I could find. I saw this live though, as an opening to the set, and it was fantastic!

Miley Cyrus – I Can’t Be Tamed

So I really like Miley. I know I’m too old for it, but I love Hannah Montana and all that moral goodness it represents. I’m a Disney fan til the end. Period. But here’s my problem with Disney kids. I grew up with Britney, Christina, and Justin on Mickey Mouse club and look where their careers took them. It saddens me to see how Hollywood changes people or how it forces them into a point of view that’s not true. Britney especially out of the bunch. I still love her music, I can’t help it, but I hate to see what became of her life, of her potential. So… when I see Miley come out with this kick ass song and the video attached, I worry. I know she’s an “adult” now, but I don’t want her to damage her good girl image. She can still be hard core and be decent too, right? Maybe it’s the older version of me speaking, but I just hope her fate doesn’t lie in the same as Britney’s. I read Lynn Spear’s book about the whole Britney Meltdown and it was heartbreaking. I don’t want to see Miley travel the same road.

Despite all of these feelings though, I can’t help but like this song.

READING – I didn’t have much of an attention span for “The Law of Nines” this week and haven’t opened it since this past weekend. “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” finally arrived so I think I’m going to revisit “The Law of Nines” at a later date. I hadn’t gotten that far into it anyway, and “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” is a lot shorter in comparison so it won’t take over my life for too long. I’m wondering what I should buy next. There are currently 65 books or box sets in Amazon wish list and they’re all so different. Which to choose, which to choose?

Peace – Sarah