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Because I am. My damn IPod is driving me mad. Doesn’t it understand how necessary music is in my life? Doesn’t it understand that when you buy new music you expect it to want to play it? No, I know it doesn’t understand, but I want it to.

I bought a bunch of B-side Arctic Monkeys tracks and some new tracks from Sleepy Sun’s latest album “Fever” last night, but because my IPod won’t cooperate I can not listen to them anywhere other than at my desk and the old fashioned way of mix CD’s in my truck. I’m trying to not let myself be as angry as I am about it, but it gnawed at me all day at work. I can’t afford a new IPod at the present moment, but its definitely time to start saving for one. I could live without my cell phone before I could live without my IPod.

Peace – Sarah