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For the past 13 years, I’ve spent my week days as a Survey Technician, drafting the lay of the land for an Engineering Firm in Maryland. I’ve also recently been given the duties of AutoCAD Supervisor, in which I develop our company’s CAD standards and get all new hires acclimated with how CAD works. I’m currently pursuing 4 levels of certification to better secure my title and place in the Surveying field.


While I’m happy with the career path I’ve chosen, my creative nature is constantly pulling me in other directions.


As a lifetime lover of photography, and someone who always had a camera on them even before our phones had them built-in, I started turning this passion into a second career path after my nephews were born in 2013. I now spend most weekends, especially during the spring and fall, as a natural light, family & lifestyle photographer, with a knack for capturing the personalities of children and pets.


In addition to these very time consuming things, though, my ultimate dream career is being a published author. I’ve started several manuscripts over the years, but in 2014, I completed my first novel – a YA horror/thriller. Finding the time to write has grown increasingly harder since then, but I truly hope to polish that finished story and seek publication with it. Even if it’s the only story I ever publish traditionally, I hope to be able to one day say I fulfilled this dream.


Aside from photography and writing, I like to fill up my free time by reading, baking treats, collecting toys, coloring, and always-always listening to or making music.


I am a follower of Christ, a wife, and a cat-mom, and also a little crazy about Christmas.