Books make me giddy AND drive me insane

Initially this post was going to strictly be about my writing woes, but I realized during lunch today that reading “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” is making me far too happy to be in a negative state of mind in regards to my own book. (Which is actually a REALLY good thing!)

So, first let me reiterate how amazing “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” is. It has been a long time since a book made me feel so revved up (well I guess not that long, Terry Goodkind’s “Law of Nines” had a similar effect, but this one is even more exciting). It has such a great pace and such a perfect mixture of doom and humor all with this southern twang to it! I’m already disappointed to know that its sequel “Invincible” won’t be released until February 2011. (Ugh! That seems too far away). This is the only young adult novel Sherrilyn Kenyon has written so far (although this series is slated to have 10 books), but she has a multitude of adult novels with the same characters only as adults and since I’m enjoying her writing style so much I really think I might dive into them as well while I wait.

Now, onto my writing woes although I shouldn’t make it sound so bad because in truth I’m feeling much more positive about it this week than last. In fact I was happily acting out scenes this morning and afternoon opposed to listening music on the way to and from work. It felt good to be back in character.

I did end up deciding to can two characters. They were important characters, being the older-wiser ones of Bryce & Brynn’s family, the ones with the most back knowledge on the mystery surrounding Teagan. But essentially I decided the mystery would be more believable without their knowledge. I kind of like the idea of keeping my characters in the dark even about themselves until they absolutely need to know. It will also probably cut some thickness from the story if there aren’t two more people’s lives to tell you about.

A while ago I debated killing the dog in my story for two reasons: 1 – once things start going down, worrying about the dog will be difficult and 2 – I want something extreme to happen so the levity of one of the characters role sinks in. I’ve finally decided that the dog will live (I think, unless I kill him over natural causes because he’s old), but someone else even more important will –almost- or maybe –actually- die now. I can’t tell you for sure, although I know the answer 😉

Event though I dread doing so, I believe it’s time to re-write again. So bye, bye newly shaped chapters 1 and 2. Well maybe not all of chapter 1, most of it can be salvaged. Chapter 2 on the other hand is null and void now. And with all the chopping going on in my mind for the rest of it I really feel like the pace is where I finally want it. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll even be able to fit it all into one book!

Man, I feel like I’m running with a hatchet again. Only I’m not a depressed clown this time around! (Does anyone who reads this even get that reference? Probably not, but that’s okay… here’s a hint if you’re interested though Me – 2004.)

Okay so now I have some questions. I kind of enjoy doing things nontraditional as long as they are not immediately rejected, and I’m pretty sure what I’m about to suggest is not normal, but tell me what you think (if you don’t mind).

My book opens with a journal entry from Teagan’s perspective. There will be a few journal entries throughout the book and talk about this journal because it keeps very secret & disturbing events in it. The opening entry is dated 6 months before the book starts to give you some inkling of where she’s been and what you might expect next and I was just going to leave it like that. But I started thinking it might be neat to briefly add the perspective of the enemy and some hint about their plot far before you ever know who they are in between the journal and chapter 1. It wouldn’t be long, but it would give you that great sense of doom-to-come feeling that once said doom arrives you’ll go, oh yeah I almost forgot about that! This would basically be like having 2 prologues though and one from a perspective you’ll never see again. Would something like that ever work?

Also, how do people feel about the length of chapters? I ask because I’ve read some books where chapters were only a few pages long and others where the chapters were so long they could be short stories in themselves and then there are some that jump all over the place with short and long chapters. Does it really matter? I personally don’t care, but do some readers get bothered by this shift in sizes?

Alright, I’m too antsy about finishing “Infinity: Chronicles of Nick” now so I’ll end it with that. Oh yeah though, two totally unrelated side notes before I go (well not completely unrelated, but rather random).

1. My library actually had two of the books in my wishlist yesterday – which is extremely rare considering we have by far the worst selection of young adult books, not to mention the worst way of sorting. I found one of them in a section labeled “Teens” and the other in the “Middle School” section of the children’s side of the library. Anyway though, I won’t read their entirety because you know I have to own everything I read, but I am excited to read a bit of them to make sure I’ll actually like them first. Those two books are: “Hex Hall” by Rachel Hawkins and “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman.

2. I want an icon that’s book related, maybe like this beautiful pile of books one I saw someone use on Maggie’s blog. It would have been nice to use in this post. Maybe I’ll have to play around with some pictures of my own books and see if I am capable of making something cool. Everyone always has cool icons… I got nothing.

Peace – Sarah


Edited Note: I almost forgot to mention one GREAT thing concerning writing. Someone agreed to be critic partners with me and this is making me oh so motivated to get my act in gear. It also makes me super excited, nervous, and a whole bunch of other mixed emotions, but overall just happy & grateful! 😉



Friday, so nice of you to finally show up

(Warning: Part of this was written while I was at work, the end was written around 9pm so it may not flow in the best of ways – my apologies.)

This has felt like maybe the longest week ever, which is odd considering I had Monday off for the holiday. Regardless of its lengthiness I’m glad the weekend is finally here.

Despite my aching eyes yesterday I couldn’t help from continuing “The Law of Nines.” (But with my glasses on) There’s no doubt I’m sucked in at this point, just like I was with the Sword of Truth Series. Terry Goodkind has this awesome way of writing his main male characters as strong, but the female lead is always stronger. I like this 😉 My Teagan is totally this way whether it’s evident or not at first because I just love when females are kick ass. Also, major bonus – “The Law of Nines” is linked to the Sword of Truth Series, but the setting is current day – our world, the lead male’s name being Alex Rahl and the mysterious woman’s name being Jax Amnell. And I just read that it’s part of a trilogy AND that he has been signed on for another trilogy of strictly Richard and Kahlan (from the first 11 books of The Sword of Truth Series) novels. I’m so ecstatic I could SQUEE… okay I did. Geez… I’m such a fangirl at times. For those of you who loved Legend of the Seeker on TV, read something of Terry’s, seriously it will be worth your while. I promise! He is the writer who will help me be grounded again, just like he inspired me back then to even write my story. I’m glad I will have finished my reading stint with Terry Goodkind.

Although, I did just buy the following on recommendation and/or because I couldn’t stop myself (Gosh I’m such a sucker for new books; seriously this is the longest addiction I’ve ever held):

“Betwixt” by Tara Smith (thanks Heather (aka edgyauthor) for the suggestion)

“Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Dogsbody” by Diana Wynne Jones (thanks m-stiefvater for the awareness)

“The Overton Window” by Glenn Beck (thanks Glenn for the importance of such a thriller at such a time in US society)

“Infinity: The Chronicles of Nick” by Sherrilyn Kenyon (thanks Amazon for adding to my reading addiction with your suggestions and Target for showing me the physicality of this book last weekend and tempting me with its beauty when I shouldn’t be spending on such luxuries)

Also coming sometime next week because I already pre-ordered it: “The Short Second Story of Bree Tanner” by Stephenie Meyer. I may seriously wait until the release of Eclipse for this because unfortunately I still feel a bit mad at her for lying about writing more for the series. (see THIS POST for explanation)

So that’s it. All I have to say today. I wanted to say how irritating certain people have become to me lately, but it’s not worth entertaining the energy in doing so, so I will let it go. Let’s hope they don’t push the same nerves next week and prompt me to go on a rampage about idiocy and ignorance next week.

Much love to all my LJ friends… you have no idea how much you encourage me. And for once, in a while, I’m looking forward to writing again. As soon as I’m finished with the awesomeness that is “The Law of Nines.”

Peace – Sarah



Nothing witty for a title today

I’m not sure why I’m even posting. Nothing truly spectacular has happened since my last report, but I feel like reporting something.

I failed miserably at “I won’t read another book until I finish those edits” and started reading “The Law of Nines” by Terry Goodkind again (since I’d only made it a couple of chapters into it the first time). I raced through “As you Wish” far faster than I expected, but it was surprisingly good and a nice quick read. Still I wanted to read more and the fact that I already had a book that needed to be read in my possession made it impossible to say no to myself.

I do not like all of this failure surrounding me though. I must reclaim myself after this book. I can’t be detached from writing for too long. Things aren’t pretty when the breaks drag on. I don’t want to back track.

I learned today that I must take my glasses with me everywhere now because my sight is rapidly taking a turn for the worse. Between staring at a PC screen 24/7 and reading almost constantly these days, adding something like trying to decipher itsy bitsy text on a sketch of a Walmart that I had to draft today threw me over the edge. My head was pounding so hard by the time I got home it felt like my eyelids would collapse without my permission.

I actually updated two of my FanNook sites yesterday for the first time in Lord only knows how long. I really want to get back into the groove of this site because it was so nice when I launched it and I want to add book reviews, but I refuse to do that if I don’t stick with it again because that would just be wasting more time. So we’ll see I suppose.

Wow… I started almost every paragraph with I expect the intro. Ridiculousness.

Peace – Sarah



Weekly Randomness & It’s Good (If you like music, that is)

So because I haven’t accomplished much this week, writing wise, to speak about and don’t have a fluid way of doing this post I’m going to break it up in BOLD. 🙂

NOTE: We are having a wicked thunderstorm right now and I love it!

WRITING – I have decided I will rewrite the beginning of the book, cutting down the first 5 chapters into 3. I need to reduce the word count anyway and there is an excessive amount of unnecessary details in these chapters. I’ve avoided it the last two days. I will resume Monday though – for sure.

MUSIC – Musically this week, I sampled lots of music online and via the library and finally purchased some the other night. You wouldn’t think I’d need more music considering I just recently got such an abundance of it that it nearly took over my life, but somehow I’m still hungry for more. And what I’ve found was ever so satisfying that I feel compelled to share the handful I’m playing on repeat tonight with you.

Arctic Monkeys – I didn’t realize that when they released singles they also included several other new songs because I own the albums and haven’t needed to buy a single. When this dawned on me yesterday I went a little nuts with purchases, but it was worth it. The two I’m listening to the most:

I Haven’t Got my Strange

Fright Lined Dining Room

I couldn’t find this on youtube anywhere so you can only preview it HERE, but this is my favorite download of the bunch, so check it out!

Sleepy Sun – I first saw this band opening for Arctic Monkeys so it’s fitting that their latest album “Fever” would come out when I have an epiphany about Arctic Monkeys B-side tracks. One of the songs on their album is available right now on Amazon for FREE download so I urge you to just go and download it to listen to it, it costs you nothing and you may end up with a free song you enjoy. Shoot, the entire album is 3.99 today, it’s worth the purchase.

FREE Song: Open Eyes – Click HERE to download.

Marina – I couldn’t find the album version of this, and this was the best live version of it I could find. I saw this live though, as an opening to the set, and it was fantastic!

Miley Cyrus – I Can’t Be Tamed

So I really like Miley. I know I’m too old for it, but I love Hannah Montana and all that moral goodness it represents. I’m a Disney fan til the end. Period. But here’s my problem with Disney kids. I grew up with Britney, Christina, and Justin on Mickey Mouse club and look where their careers took them. It saddens me to see how Hollywood changes people or how it forces them into a point of view that’s not true. Britney especially out of the bunch. I still love her music, I can’t help it, but I hate to see what became of her life, of her potential. So… when I see Miley come out with this kick ass song and the video attached, I worry. I know she’s an “adult” now, but I don’t want her to damage her good girl image. She can still be hard core and be decent too, right? Maybe it’s the older version of me speaking, but I just hope her fate doesn’t lie in the same as Britney’s. I read Lynn Spear’s book about the whole Britney Meltdown and it was heartbreaking. I don’t want to see Miley travel the same road.

Despite all of these feelings though, I can’t help but like this song.

READING – I didn’t have much of an attention span for “The Law of Nines” this week and haven’t opened it since this past weekend. “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” finally arrived so I think I’m going to revisit “The Law of Nines” at a later date. I hadn’t gotten that far into it anyway, and “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” is a lot shorter in comparison so it won’t take over my life for too long. I’m wondering what I should buy next. There are currently 65 books or box sets in Amazon wish list and they’re all so different. Which to choose, which to choose?

Peace – Sarah



It’s funny how…

… A day can change so drastically from start to finish and for no real good reason at all.

I was crabby this morning, dragging myself to work against my wishes after waking up an hour before I needed to because my bodies stupid like that. Then at work, joyous work, the banter around me was twisting my nerve with every word coming out of their mouths. And I’m getting quite tired of the expected norm. I may just start voicing my angst.

Other thoughts and situations provoked my irritation throughout the day and I didn’t really have a better outlook going home than I had coming in today. But when I got home, somehow it all escaped me as if I had forgotten why I was so disgruntled throughout the day – as if the day hadn’t actually drained me. It’s like something in my brain said, “Okay stop, this is stupid,” and my aggression just faded.

I like when my “self” corrects itself and doesn’t drag out for days. 🙂

I bought two new books this weekend – If I stay by Gayle Forman and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I’m not sure why I bought two at the same time because now I don’t know which one to read first. And I still have The Law of Nines by Terry Goodkind to read, but its mass is intimidating me right now. Experience reading his work tells me to hold off a bit unless I want to completely abandon my own book for two weeks to finish his (which I’m not prepared to do at the moment).

Off to watch LOST. I can’t express how sad I am to see it coming to an end, but all great things must end so…

Peace – Sarah