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I’m not sure why I’m even posting. Nothing truly spectacular has happened since my last report, but I feel like reporting something.

I failed miserably at “I won’t read another book until I finish those edits” and started reading “The Law of Nines” by Terry Goodkind again (since I’d only made it a couple of chapters into it the first time). I raced through “As you Wish” far faster than I expected, but it was surprisingly good and a nice quick read. Still I wanted to read more and the fact that I already had a book that needed to be read in my possession made it impossible to say no to myself.

I do not like all of this failure surrounding me though. I must reclaim myself after this book. I can’t be detached from writing for too long. Things aren’t pretty when the breaks drag on. I don’t want to back track.

I learned today that I must take my glasses with me everywhere now because my sight is rapidly taking a turn for the worse. Between staring at a PC screen 24/7 and reading almost constantly these days, adding something like trying to decipher itsy bitsy text on a sketch of a Walmart that I had to draft today threw me over the edge. My head was pounding so hard by the time I got home it felt like my eyelids would collapse without my permission.

I actually updated two of my FanNook sites yesterday for the first time in Lord only knows how long. I really want to get back into the groove of this site because it was so nice when I launched it and I want to add book reviews, but I refuse to do that if I don’t stick with it again because that would just be wasting more time. So we’ll see I suppose.

Wow… I started almost every paragraph with I expect the intro. Ridiculousness.

Peace – Sarah