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A title like that can be applied to so much in my life at the moment. The Top 2 though:

1) People at my work. Men, they love drama – worse than women, I swear. Super annoying.

2) Me & Writing. I was on such a good track for a while there, but I’ve basically stared at a pile of to-be-read/revised paper on my desk for over a week. It’s time to shrink said pile, no more procrastinating. *Thanks Maggie, for some much need butt-kicking*


For the last week I’ve found myself less and less interested in being online, or at least being on Facebook (and sites like it). I don’t know what it is, maybe years of living in front of a PC is finally getting the best of me, but I actually haven’t even checked FB in the past two days. This is very unlike me, but I just don’t think I care much anymore. I mean I’ll still check it occasionally, but I really hate spending my first hour when I get home everyday reading through everything I missed while I was at work. Is that rude? There is just so much other stuff I could be doing, you know?

Last night, I cleared everything off of my desk (the larger desk collects more crap now because it has room to), and told myself to write. And I did. I didn’t get some monumental amount of words written, but I wrote. I wrote exactly what I wanted to and nothing got in the way. I will practice this more.

Peace – Sarah


“I like that no matter how it all starts, in the end of the day, everything is okay.”