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I frequently come across new artists from commercials or TV shows that I get stuck in my head and need to investigate to satiate my thirst for more. This is how I got into Yael Naim, Feist, and Joe Purdy (just to name a few). Last night a car commercial came on that I’ve seen several times now, but never really paid attention to (so little that I couldn’t even tell you what the car was). The song though has stuck out to me each time and before I could even ask Heath to search for it (because he is seriously a MASTER at finding music I demand), he had already found it. The artist was Sean Hayes and the song was “Powerful Stuff.” Immediately I’m like, “Find more,” as usual and so he did. Three albums later and I’m “in love” with Sean Hayes.

So, here are just 4 of the songs that stood out the most to me today (because I don’t want to clog the flist with too many tracks–believe me I could post a whole bunch more) while I listened to him and only him all day long. Some have real videos, some don’t, but the videos aren’t the reason I want you to hit play anyway. Enjoy!


Soul Shaker

Baby I Do

When we Fall In

Sean Hayes will definitely be making an appearance on my current WIP’s soundtrack. Just saying. 🙂

Happy Friday!

Peace – Sarah