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Wow, two months in a row I’ve actually posted this on time. I’m on a roll! I suppose things do get better with practice and time because I’ve got a better grade for the month as well. Let’s see how it all went down!

As usual, a review of last month’s goals are shown in italic, while my comments on their success are shown below each in bold.

1. Write – I’m going to reduce the word count this month. I’m starting to think my ability to produce 20,000 words in one month was a one time thing/fluke and maybe if I drop the number I won’t be as intimidated. So for October, I want to write at least 10,000 words.

SUCCESS! It wasn’t easy. I found myself racing to get that word count up in the past couple of days, but I did it finishing the month with 10,013 (cutting it close, I know). I wrote countless pages by hand this month (which I haven’t done in a while) and I didn’t count those into the tally so technically it’s higher than the number quoted, but I wasn’t about to sit there and count my chicken scratch. I also managed to fit a short story into my writing this month. For those of you that missed it, you can find it HERE, entitled, “The Girl on the Swings.”

2. Read – No problem here (obviously as I’m officially a book-a-holic). But since I blew my goal away so much last month and I already know I’ll be reading at minimum 3 more Dark-Hunter books alone as well as THE REPLACEMENT and BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS closer to Halloween (for their scary factor) that will be 5 books total this month. So as long as I can at least do that, I’m good (which I have no doubt I can accomplish).

SUCCESS! I read all 5 books with no problem and also re-read FANTASY LOVER (Dark-Hunter, Book 1) because just the mention of it from a friend suddenly made me need it again.

3. Buying Books – It’s forbidden. I will receive BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS this month, but it was pre-ordered two months ago and is already paid for. I told myself I will not buy anymore books until after Christmas and I’m sticking to it. I have plenty to read.

SUCCESS! I did receive BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS (but as stated before it was already paid for), and I actually received a second copy of THE REPLACEMENT because of that whole missing pages fiasco. I also won a book this month which helped curb my desire to buy. Still, I was VERY tempted by NIGHTSHADE in Walmart, but I was a good girl (finally). I’m impressed because I definitely stared at my Amazon wish list salivating sadly for far too many hours this month, but at least nothing ever made it to the shopping cart! There are however over 40 books in my Christmas list. Books completely dominate the list.

4. Weight – Really work for those 5 lbs. and keep them off. Rachel and I are already going dress shopping (for her wedding) the last weekend in October and I’d like to be a little less heavy for the first round of dress testing. My goal is to lose at minimum 50 lbs by next September (her wedding). If I really dedicate myself to it, there’s really no reason why that’s not feasible.

SUCCESS! Finally, I achieved the 5 lbs. weight loss goal. Actually, I did even better than that. I lost of a total of 6.3 lbs. this month (and truthfully only in the last three weeks because I didn’t start dieting right away)! It certainly wasn’t easy, but I already feel less dense and my stomach is no longer screaming at me for food like it was so I’m really hoping I can keep it up and add exercise to it so it vanishes at a quicker rate than it currently is.

So overall, I finished the month with an ‘A’ which just happens to make it my most successful month since I started this monthly goal review. It’s about damn time!

Goals for November:

1. Write: 10,000 words. They don’t necessarily have to be for my current WIP, but I need to be writing more again. Plus, it’s NaNo month. Everyone else is busy busting their butts trying to write, I might as well too even if I’m not participating in the event.

2. Read: This month’s books to-be-read are CLOCKWORK ANGEL (The Infernal Devices Book 1) and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENT Series (all 3). They’re fairly large books and since I really want to write more this month I’m only shooting to finish 4 books this month. However, I did receive FALLEN (to borrow) and TORMENT (I won) and so by the end of the month I may be digging into them just because I can’t help myself. We’ll see.

3. Book Buying: Still on lockdown. I do have one book on pre-order (George Bush’s DECISION POINTS), but Heath intends to read that first so I’ll likely add it to my December reads. Christmas is right around the corner now so buying any other books for myself would just be wrong.

4. Weight: Lose at least another 5 lbs. Do something physically active at least twice a week.

So that’s it! I’d say October was fairly kind to me. Let’s hope November will work out just as good. For all of you out there working towards goals, how’s it going? And for those of you participating, is NaNo driving you crazy yet? Much luck in November!

Peace – Sarah