Friday Feature

I frequently come across new artists from commercials or TV shows that I get stuck in my head and need to investigate to satiate my thirst for more. This is how I got into Yael Naim, Feist, and Joe Purdy (just to name a few). Last night a car commercial came on that I’ve seen several times now, but never really paid attention to (so little that I couldn’t even tell you what the car was). The song though has stuck out to me each time and before I could even ask Heath to search for it (because he is seriously a MASTER at finding music I demand), he had already found it. The artist was Sean Hayes and the song was “Powerful Stuff.” Immediately I’m like, “Find more,” as usual and so he did. Three albums later and I’m “in love” with Sean Hayes.

So, here are just 4 of the songs that stood out the most to me today (because I don’t want to clog the flist with too many tracks–believe me I could post a whole bunch more) while I listened to him and only him all day long. Some have real videos, some don’t, but the videos aren’t the reason I want you to hit play anyway. Enjoy!


Soul Shaker

Baby I Do

When we Fall In

Sean Hayes will definitely be making an appearance on my current WIP’s soundtrack. Just saying. 🙂

Happy Friday!

Peace – Sarah



Friday, finally you’re here!

Seriously, this has felt like the longest week ever. My workload at work is so low and easy that it’s hard to pace myself to make it last. This lack of work has me concerned about my job status, but I’m trying not to let my worrying ways get the best of me right now.

My boredom at work has allowed for a variety of things to happen though such as:

– Finishing another Dark-Hunter novel and starting the next.
– Getting some writing/review accomplished on my current WIP
– Analysis of Animal Crackers (What? Boredom can make you do crazy things.)

Said analysis went something like this…

1. I’m prejudice against the bloated ones. The ones that are unusually swelled and deformed. I’m not sure why, but I can’t bring myself to eat them. It’s very against my natural views in life. Good thing it only applies to cookies.

2. The song “Animal Crackers in my soup…” is just absurd. Who puts cookies in their soup? Should be “Oyster Crackers in my soup…” or something like that.

3. There seems to be an abundance of camels in the mix. I’m not sure if it’s just this particular bag or if camels dominate the Animal Cracker population. I will take note on the next bag to test my theories.

I think my boss thought I was crazy to be having such a serious conversation with him over something so not important, but like I said boredom can drive you to do ridiculous things.

Moving on…

I really hope to get some writing accomplished this weekend because I’ve got all sorts of awesome ideas for new chapters that have never even been written before (in the first draft) and I’m eager to get them onto paper. BUT I’m not joking when I say that my hand is killing me. I could barely even grip the steering wheel on the way home yesterday without the brace on and it’s very difficult to write with the brace on. So…. we’ll see just how much I can actually get accomplished depending on how my hand cooperates. (I’m really trying to not be a baby about this, but damn it hurts).

I also hope to finish this latest Dark-Hunter novel because I’m so eager to get to one that’s another five books away that I feel the urge to race through these next few. Luckily they are rather short in comparison to the others I’ve read.

Aside from that, there’s not much else on my plate for the weekend with the exception of sleeping in (because Lord knows I love that on weekends). Oh, AND Heather says the book I won should be here tomorrow which makes me uber excited! Maybe I will post a picture when it arrives, possibly with my super excited face and ridiculous brace as well for your amusement.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and all of my writer friends out there have some writing success this weekend (even if I end up not).

Happy Friday!

Peace – Sarah