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I’ve made it very clear that I’m forbidden to buy books until after Christmas and I have succeeded at that despite the fact that I have received new books during this time. How, you’re wondering? Well, I did win a book so I got something in October and there were pre-orders for each of the months leading up to Christmas that I didn’t really count, but something even more awesome happened yesterday that allowed me to buy 5 new books without breaking my rule!

One of my closest friends knows I’m a book junkie and knows how hard my book buying restraint has been. Plus, books are what she’d buy me for Christmas (and/or any holiday), but considering I have so many I want choosing herself would be difficult. So, for Christmas (and early), she sent me a 50 dollar gift card for Amazon! 50 bucks! That’s 5 new books if I plan it properly! And so I did. Here are the awesome reads I have coming my way:


::Does a Happy Dance:: I’m so excited! Christmas comes early for me 😉

Peace – Sarah