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It’s a mixture of sadness and happiness…. Is there a name for that?

I finished SEIZE THE NIGHT (Dark-Hunter Book 7) this morning at work (yeah I know, I should have been working), and while I was elated over the ending and almost everything about this book, I felt this terrible sense of sadness that it was over and I hadn’t brought Book 8 with me to read during lunch. Boo.

This book though, may have been my favorite (I know, I say that almost every time, don’t I?). There was all sorts of drama in this book though – alliances with enemies, reconciled differences, and crazy betrayals. Shit seriously went down in this book for real. Every time my mouth fell open, a few sentences later it fell open a little wider. I had a ridiculous amount of OMG moments and I loved it. Heath however, overhearing my gasps and laughter, was getting just a bit annoyed. I keep trying to explain to him that if this were a TV show or movie he’d be reacting the same way, but it’s not coming across well. I’m REALLY wondering why this series isn’t a TV show or movie series yet. It’s baffling to me.

I keep thinking that I’ll be disappointed soon, but 7 books in (about to be 8) and I’m still eating up every bit of this world within our world that Sherrilyn has created. I’m actually glad I got into this series after most of it has been released because Lord knows there’s no way I’d be patient enough to wait. Good thing the woman releases like two books a year for once I finally catch up. I mean just the series that turned me onto her (CHRONICLES OF NICK) is slated to have 12 books of its own and then Nick will finally get his own Dark-Hunter book!

On impulse, because I can’t help myself and was tempted by just the mere discussion of how/why we buy books over at merry_fates, I ordered the next two Dark-Hunter books which should be here tomorrow, just in time for me to read book 8 and not have to wait for 9 & 10. After that though, I may take a break to read THE REPLACEMENT which should be arriving next week and then finally get some more writing accomplished.

In writing related news, I don’t really have an image of Bryce to relate to like I do with Teagan (Aly Michalka), but after this season of TRUE BLOOD and working out a family moment when the Quinn’s meet Teagan for the first time over dinner I realized who Levi (Bryce and Brynn’s dad) looks like. Joe Manganiello. What, you don’t know who he is? Let me grace you with his hotness.

In my story Bryce is nearly a spit image of his father (obviously a little younger looking though), and he won’t have his facial hair… well maybe eventually he will, but not as much. And his hair is long-ish, but maybe styled a little different? More stylishly sloppy, I think.

Also in writing news and in relation to said dinner scene an awesome new idea spawned itself to give more history/mystery to the story. Coincidences’ they may seem, but I assure you they will not be. ::Laughs evilly while you wonder::

Well, I suppose I should get something accomplished. Or maybe just start reading SINS OF THE NIGHT. Hmmmm… ::taps finger to lips contemplating:: Probably going with the reading… Come on, you know me by now. I have no will, remember? And like Artemis owns the Dark-Hunters souls, Sherrilyn Kenyon currently owns mine. 🙂

Peace – Sarah