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So, the next three Dark-Hunter novels arrived yesterday and it was VERY difficult to resist picking up one (especially considering the next novels heroine was a heavier set woman and still beautiful which somehow gives me confidence in myself).

BUT because Bryce has been nagging me about the moves he wants to make, I was writing until today. Nothing monumental, I did accomplish 4,900 words in the last three days, but that doesn’t exactly feel like enough. Still, despite my lack of met expectations I made an exception for myself today.

Let me begin by saying, the weather today was beautiful and in an unconventional way. It was rainy/misty all day, but the temperature was barely reaching 70 and there was a glorious breeze under the gray sky. Hopefully, it will be a foreshadowing view of the fall to come. I LOVE FALL. When I ran to the store today I had to actually put a jean jacket on and the idea of that thrilled me. I LOVE FALL! (Oh yeah, I already said that.)

I don’t necessarily love fall in today’s form, I much prefer the blue sky of fall that doesn’t exist in any other season and the way the vibrant dead colors of the leaves reflect against said sky, but I honestly don’t mind the rainy, dreary days either as long as they bring with it a cool temperature, which today did. 🙂

Anyway, wow, I got way into fall on you… sorry about that.

I woke up uncomfortably today around 7am. Tossed and turned for a better position until 9:30 when I finally gave up trying to summon sleep. Grumbled, and feeling drugged from my less than needed hours of sleep I stumbled to the PC and checked the sites. Irish Breakfast Tea accompanied me, bringing me more alive with each sip.

Around 7 hours ago I declared on Facebook that the rainy day equated to the reward of reading and so I did.

In that time (a little less than 7 hours with food, internet, and bathroom breaks in between) I read a 365 page book straight through. This might not be amazing to big time readers, but I think for me, it’s a first.

Now it isn’t hard for me to race right through a Sherrilyn Kenyon novel because let’s face it (posts to prove it) this woman has some sort of hold on my life force. Still, being 6 novels into the series I somehow can’t get enough.

Now, I will tell you honestly there are some things about these books that peeve me such as: The same dialogue during a sex scene from another book. Lines that were great alone, but destroyed once said again later. And the sex scenes are similar. In truth this is fine for me, since I’m still not entirely comfortable with their graphic nature because I’m just weird like that. My point is though, they became similar in style and then suddenly they *may* have taken a dirty turn somewhere in there. Dirty is definitely not cool with me. Regardless, outside the sex scenes the stories hold so much depth that sex isn’t even a necessity. Skip it if you must.

The only things I could say weren’t fantastical would be book 4 – DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, and not because it wasn’t full of enough awesomeness, but because there was very little humor amongst the sex, character development and action. The story overall was just sad, even despite its happy ending. Book 5 – KISS OF THE NIGHT might have made me feel similar (and may I mention both of these books didn’t take place in New Orleans which I thoroughly enjoy. Book 5 was in Alaska (desolate) and the next in Minnesota (where none of the other Dark-Hunters reside)….) however I was pleasantly surprised by the end of KISS OF THE NIGHT… which made me enjoy the book more than I expected too.

I seriously can’t wait until one of my writer friends reads at least one of the books I’ve read by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I will really be surprised if you can’t find at least one thing that makes you love her writing like I do.

Now, off to reading Valerius and Tabitha’s story in “SEIZE THE NIGHT – Book 7 of the Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. SQUEE!!!

Peace – Sarah