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1. I read three Dark-Hunter books total this week and have already completed my monthly goal of reading 4 books for the month. Everything after that (which there will no doubt be more) will just be a bonus. YAY me!

2. Even though DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Dark-Hunter, Book 10) sits in front of me begging to be read, I fully intend on finally writing tonight. The last DH book I read (UNLEASH THE NIGHT) featured the Were-Hunters and the primary were-creature was a Tigard (who I LOVED BTW). It’s making me want to return to my book. Doesn’t that make you wonder why? Too bad I won’t tell you. Hehehehe.

3. I’m ordering the remaining 5 Dark-Hunter books tonight because let’s face it I might as well just get my obsession over with. AND one of those books in available right now in hardback for $1.30. I don’t know if it’s a glitch on their part or what, but I can’t pass up an opportunity like that. I’m a bit disappointed that the earlier novels weren’t available in hardback (as you all know how I feel about paperbacks by now). And I’m not exactly thrilled about having the series in mixed versions, but since these last few are available in hardback that’s how I’m purchasing them. Maybe one day, the others will be re-released in hardback too and I’ll just re-buy them. It’s definitely a series I will read many times over anyway.

4. I spent the day doing things I’d rather not be doing such as cleaning and bills, but I feel caught up on everything I’ve been neglecting lately because of my reading obsession so now I don’t feel as guilty.

5. Last night Heath and I were discussing our desire to learn other languages and decided that next year (2011) we will spend a ½ hour a day learning a language. One of the languages we are interested in learning in Native American (because Heath is in fact Native American and it’s a nearly dead language). And while chatting about this he looked up my Native American name which would be: Nakpuna Alawa. I like the name, but not the meaning. It means: Evil Pea. No where near as satisfying as what Sarah means in Hebrew: Princess. Anyway, Heath swears he’s going to start calling me Alawa. Lol.

6. Hmmm…. Guess there wasn’t actually six. Sorry. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Peace – Sarah