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I was at work when I started writing this, really really bored. I was in one of those don’t-feel-like-working kind of moods today. Mainly because some of the people I work with do nothing in comparison to me, come and go as they please and still get paid for a full 8 hour day without anyone reprimanding them for their absence. Oh and did I mention make at least 20,000 more a year than me? F’ing Ridiculous!

On a positive note it’s raining outside and for the first time this summer not obscenely hot. In fact, there was such a chill to the air this morning I could have actually worn a light jacket. All of this is just making me want to take a nap though. And making me wish fall was here even more than I already do.

Bryce, Brynn, & Teagan have been having a conversation in my head all day, a conversation I’ve been waiting for them to have and am excited that it’s finally happening. And paper sits in front of me waiting to be scribbled on, but of course I can’t transfer their conversation to it. This dialogue crap is really getting on my nerves. To the point where I kind of want to scream about although I know that helps nothing. I keep trying to tell myself, “At least they haven’t left you completely.” But then this evil meany in my mind laughs and says, “But what good is their presence, if your hands don’t know what to do when they’re around.” ::SHUT UP!::

Alright, moving on because I don’t need to add pissed off to my colorful array of moods today.

I’ve been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s “Night Pleasures” this week since it’s been a while since I picked up a book and obviously avoiding them right now for the sake of my own novel is pointless. I really loved “Infinity: The Chronicles of Nick” when I read it earlier this year and so I decided to check out the Dark-Hunter series it’s tied to. So far I love it, however it is the first ‘adult’ fiction novel I’ve read and I have to admit the first sex scene I came across seriously made my mouth fall open. That conservative nature in me was like, WTF they can put that in books? Aside from that, the story is fantastic and I love the way Sherrilyn writes. The Dark-Hunters are vampires who protect humans, which by the way, she gives a whole different twist too that involves Greek Gods which I find highly entertaining and the story takes place in New Orleans which for some reason I’ve found myself attracted to in several stories now. (Odd, considering I’ve never even been to New Orleans.) I also really love that the characters I’m reading about now were also in “Infinity” just at a different time period. I rented this book from the library and the cover says “The First Dark-Hunter Novel” but apparently it lies. The first book is actually “Fantasy Lover” so it’s on its way from Amazon as we speak because now I must read them all.

Ok, I’m boring myself further now.

Peace – Sarah

P.S. Mayo Thief actually went out to lunch today. Hopefully tomorrow a lesson will be learned.