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According to edgyauthor via carriejones it’s Dog appreciation day. Sadly, my dog died in early 2004 and since I live in an apartment I’ve had to resort to only having a cat. But in my heart I am a dog person and fully intend on having another large beast one day.

In his remembrance, here’s Hooch. The best dog anyone could have asked for growing up (especially considering how deathly afraid I was of dogs after having my face torn off as a child). I swear, he was like a human trapped in a furry body and still to this day I miss his companionship greatly.

I have tons more pictures of him because he loved having his picture taken, but sadly it was before I had a digital camera so most of them are in print and I don’t currently have a scanner to show you the best ones of him. Maybe another day.

This is me and Hooch on Christmas (2003). He knew exactly what Christmas was and was the biggest child out of us all. As soon as we’d put out decorations he’d be sniffing his stocking wondering if it was time for presents yet.

This is me, my sister, and Hooch after she graduated high school (2003). He’s kind of spacing out in this picture, but he loved having his picture taken. As soon as he saw a camera he’d get in the shot.

This is a picture of my entire family, his last Easter with us. (L-R: Me, Rachel, Mom, Dad – Hooch front in center (obviously))

And this last picture was taken when he started to get sick about 2 months before he finally passed. Even my dad had to take off of work when he died, he was that much of a member of our family.

Miss ya buddy 🙁