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So, after giving it some deep thought I’ve figured out what needs to happen with my story and what will appease my characters. And luckily, it won’t take too many changes to happen.

See there was this Haunted House scene where things between Bryce and Teagan start to change, but the scene itself, despite the axe I already took to it, still felt long and overly descriptive and while the ending was really adorable the story could do without. And remember that adorable sweet scene I wrote earlier this week that I wasn’t sure would actually make the cut? Well I realized that I could take bits of that Haunted House ending and add them to the sweet scene and merge this other mini chapter to the beginning of the sweet scene and once I did that I was like, YES – much better! So this is what I’m doing now. I think it works and in a more endearing way without the purposeless Haunted House involved. In truth, Teagan’s got far more things to be scared of so portraying her as completely scared in a Haunted House just didn’t really feel right.

Also, the scene I was writing that I wanted to make more emotional can also happen with this new awesome twist I threw in there that will A: help the pace and B: bring the mystery element to the table quicker and amidst the friendship/love development so it doesn’t bore people who don’t love the lovey-dovey stuff that much.

So all is right and happy again and I can resume writing. Slightly disappointed that my word count for the month will likely be less than I wanted because I will have canned quite a bit of it when all is said and done, but I am glad the revelation happened now rather than later.

Peace – Sarah