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The Good: All of my newest books (minus the pre-orders) have finally arrived! First to be read? Well I’ve already read CAPTIVATE, FANTASY LOVER, & NIGHT PLEASURES, but since I read the last two out of order I may re-read NIGHT PLEASURES again before reading the next Dark-Hunter book NIGHT EMBRACE. Books make me happy! 🙂

The Bad: My book is misbehaving and messing with my head. I was writing up dialogue I wanted to go down in this particular chapter today during lunch when suddenly it occurred to me that I want this scene to be far more emotional which would mean the pace needs to change as a whole. Which would also mean that all of those other chapters I’ve already written that follow it will need to change, some may even need to be nixed altogether. ::Sigh:: How many freaking times will I re-write this stuff? Seriously? Teagan & Bryce, make up your damn mind already!!!!!!

The Ugly: See above… My disappointment in my cast’s inability to stay on track is going to get us in one ugly fight. I feel it coming.

Off to read and let Sherrilyn fill my mind with happy thoughts since Teagan & Bryce want to be so damn stupid right now.

Peace – Sarah