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It’s unbearably hot today. A suffocating 90 degrees inside my house.

So hot, that I couldn’t sleep in like I needed to.
So hot, that I worked up a sweat doing the dishes (In only a t-shirt and undies)
So hot, that my arms are sticking to my desk as I type.

Ugh, I am not a fan of the heat. Or summer really for that matter. The sun’s nice and so is the beach (ideally), but I prefer the temperatures the sun brings with it in the fall. Where it’s not baking you and everything else it touches.

Here’s my theory: If you are cold, you can put on several layers of clothes until you are warm again. -BUT- If you are hot, and you’ve already removed all layers of clothes (leaving you naked), then you are SOL.

I’d rather be cold. What about you?

Not sure what’s on my agenda today, I suppose it depends on my tolerance level with this exhausting heat. I’m still so tired, but there’s no way I could lay still with the bed clothes sticking to me. I really don’t want to have to put the AC in yet, but if summer’s starting off this early I may not have a choice.

Peace – Sarah