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Seriously, what is happening to us? Are we so ignorant that we can’t see past how unintelligent we’ve become? Are we so lazy that we no longer seek facts, and ride solely on opinions? Do we learn from our mistakes at all? Seriously people, get it together!

Everyday I’m surrounded by some of the dumbest individuals I’ve ever come across. And not dumb because they didn’t attend school or because they were born that way. Dumb because they choose to be. They choose to be idiots, but WHY!? We live in a generation that’s capable of so much more intelligence than anyone before us, yet the percentage of idiocy in our society grows by the day.

I am so sick of hearing people spew complete lies on the daily, because they’re too foolish to find the facts to support such claims. I’m starting to not even enjoy being in public because I find myself so frequently wanting to slap total strangers for their dumb ass comments.

Here’s a novel concept, get your head out of your ass and learn something for a change! And oh my gosh, apply it to your life and bam – you’ve been freed from stupidity. I know it seems so simple, right? Apparently not.

[Basis: The person who inspired my inability to ignore this irritation anymore today spent 30 minutes straight letting nonsense roll off his tongue first thing this morning, completely wasting my time and just asking to be smacked for his ignorance. Now obviously he’s not the only person on my mind when writing about idiots, but today he’s their spokesperson. He should wear a name tag that reads, “Hi, I’m Stupid.” So everyone he encounters knows not to waste time listening to the junk coming out of his mouth.]

Peace – Sarah


“You can’t cure stupid, there just isn’t a remedy.”