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Last night Heath and I went to a shooting range. We are interested in buying a gun in the near future (for protection) and I’m a strong believer in people knowing HOW to use one before owning them. Heath had shot a gun a few times before and I had shot one once when I was younger, but neither of us were actually experienced in it.

Now as far as what I expected. I’d kind of always imagined myself as this bad ass chick. Someone who, doesn’t appear to be hardcore, but could mess someone up if need be. However, I’ve never had to test this imagination of mine so I’ve always assumed I was probably wrong.

Last night confirmed for me, that my imagination of myself was pretty accurate. Even Heath was shocked at my natural ability with the gun. And although he’d probably rather not admit it, I had far more kill shots than him. He was quite proud though, he must have told me 50 times after we got home how impressed he was with my skill. Which probably just made my head a little too large, but I’m glad I feel confident in this now if I ever have to actually utilize it in self defense.

Check out the pictures, our shots are marked by “S” and “H”. Those three in the head, were my first three shots. 🙂