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1. When I was younger, I was addicted to Lifesaver Pep-O-Mints. I would literally go through a bag every 2 days. Now as an adult, I never eat mints and I spit gum out after only a few chews. I can’t stand having it in my mouth, and only resort to it when I need a burst of fresh breath and brushing my teeth isn’t an option. Pretty drastic change.

2. Ever since I was a child I’ve had a strange urge to reach out and touch random strangers. Not touch them in some sicko sort of way, but just place my hand on their shoulder or something, as if I’d somehow be able to see something about them in doing so. I still feel this urge sometimes, but what’s truly strange about this impulse is that I am very uncomfortable around strangers or in large groups of people. So what the hell do I want to touch strangers for if I really don’t even like being around them? That’s just bizarre.

3. Mentally, I was older in high school than I am now. And college was my youngest, dumbest mentality. I wish it hadn’t been so backwards. I would have rather been a kid in grade school and did kid like things then, than be wishing I was still a kid now and doing them.

4. I’m extremely peculiar when it comes to matching. Even my socks and underwear need to match my pajamas, and my pajamas must match each other (as a set). And while my wardrobe is far from exciting, all of it is meant to be worn with certain items, like some jeans are only to be worn with certain colored shirts. And the same goes with shoes.

5. On another clothing related note: I hate to shop. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy new clothes, but I don’t find them a priority nor do I go for new ones often. And when I do, I’m not shopping at expensive places. Name brands mean nothing to me, they never have. In high school I was that girl who found unique items at the thrift store, not the one bragging about $90 jeans. That just seems ridiculous to me. But, if I were ever given a shopping spree or something of that nature I would find myself drawn to jackets and coats. I like jackets and coats the way some woman like shoes. I don’t know why, but I just love a really awesome coat and I enjoy having a variety of them to choose from.

6. I have a K-9 nose. I can pick up smells better than most people I know. And once I have a smell it stays with me, immediately provoking a memory associated with it whenever I come into contact with it again. My own smells are somewhat peculiar in nature like my clothes. I like to “make” perfumes by combining a variety of the ones I have. I get bored of the same scent before a bottle is used up and I’ve found I’m quite good at mixing the right ones to create even better smells than I started with. However, the color of the liquid determines when it’s to be worn, for me. For example, darker shaded vanilla sprays should be worn in the fall or winter, while clear musky scented perfumes are meant for spring and summer. In my eyes at least.

7. When I was 6 our family pet attacked me. He was a mixed bread dog that my parents had before I was born. Dog specialists say he saw me as competition. One day while trying to offer him popcorn in our backyard he tore of the right side of my face. After that my perception of animals, and particularly dogs, changed. I was terrified of the average dog, even small ones that you could easily punt if necessary. As an adult though, I have a different view of animals in general. After said incident, my parents, unwilling to go without a large animal for protection, allowed me to pick the next addition to our family and I picked a yellow lab with unusually big paws for a puppy. He was huge. At the end of his existence he was 135 lbs. and so large that people were scared of him just based on size alone. He was my best friend growing up though. I know that’s sad to say, but… Anyway, my sister and I would take him to Picture People every Christmas for pictures for my parents and people would literally walk on the other side of the hallway to stay away from this seemingly enormous dog, who unbeknownst to them was the most loving creature I’d ever known. If, somehow a person could exist in a dog’s body, they lived in Hooch’s furry shell. Now, as an adult, and since his death, I’ve found myself drawn to animals in an unnatural way for me. Considering I was so opposed to animals in the past for my fear. It’s as if God removed the fear after Hooch’s death, in an effort to show me that my feelings and fear of all of them in general was irrational. I’m ever grateful for this because I have always loved animals and I hated being so uncontrollably afraid of them. Now, while I’m cautious, I can still find the joy I found in knowing Hooch, in meeting other people’s pets. Pets that I used to be too afraid of to introduce myself to. Now I own a cat, something I would have never seen myself owning, but the joy I feel in knowing her makes me remember the feeling I had when Hooch was around. And somehow I know God has placed her in my life as an equal companion for Hooch, until the day I can have a dog like him in my life again.

8. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. I could eat it for all three meals and never grow tired of it. And I enjoy breakfast in all forms. Eggs and toast, Egg Sandwiches, French Toast, Pancakes, Biscuits and Gravy, Plain old Cereal, Oatmeal, Waffles. But I hate sausage; I’m strictly a bacon girl.

9. On another food related note: I constantly crave dairy, however I am lactose intolerant which makes fulfilling this desire difficult. Of course there are ways around it like Lactaid milk and taking Lactaid pills prior to eating dairy related products, but still it’s disheartening. And mostly because if I had to choose only one snack food to have for the rest of my life it would be ice cream.

10. I often times act out scenes for my books to and from work in the car, by myself. I realize to people passing me by that I must look like a lunatic, but since I’ve always seen my stories as movies (hence the reasoning for first writing scripts for the better part of my life) it feels more natural to act them out before bringing them to paper. Most people might consider this a little on the side of crazy, talking to yourself and all, but luckily I don’t care. I do wonder though, how many other writers do this. Is this just some strange attribute of me as a writer, or is this a natural creative quirk? I’m curious.

Alright, 10 random facts, that’s good enough. Any that you would like to share?

Peace – Sarah


Note: LOST’s series finale aired last night and while I had intended on posting my views on the best TV show to ever hit the air waves today, I’m not completely sure what to make of it yet, or how exactly satisfied/dissatisfied I am with it yet. So, said LOST post, is on hold momentarily.