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Music just makes me move. It really is uncontrollable. When I try and contain myself it just comes out louder eventually. I seriously can’t help myself, I was made to dance. I regret not sticking with it.

I can’t stress how much I love dancing. Even if I wasn’t good I wouldn’t care, I’d still do it. I love seeing people dance, even when they can’t. It’s just the feeling I know they’re experiencing letting their body become victim to the beat. It moves me.

I dance to everything too. Slow stuff, rock, hip-hop. Any beat can be danced to in some way. I think music was designed to be danced to. It’s directly linked to your body in my eyes.

Personally, I dance big. When I used to be a club-kid people would chant my “name” and form circles around me. I’m not someone you can grind against because my movements are more of that of a performer putting on a show for you. I just can’t contain the power of the dance in me.

How does music move your soul? Does it make you want to dance? And if it does, how does dancing make you feel?

Peace – Sarah