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So folks, everyone’s telling me that I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is the explanation for the numbness in my right hand (that is still present btw). And so I’ve been wearing this lovely brace to regain some feeling in my fingers. ::rolls eyes:: Whether the brace is on or not it’s hard to use my last three fingers. I can’t even tell if my pinky is hitting keys right now. If said tingling continues to torture me, surgery will take place. My father had it done, he said it’s not bad and you can’t even tell where they cut him. But the downfall is an 8 week recovery which I’m sure writing will be nearly impossible during that time. I will prolong this procedure as long as possible because of this. I can’t imagine going that long without writing.

Hand pain aside, I’ve been writing regardless. Not in huge bursts, just under 1,000 words a day, but at least I’m writing more consistently this week than the last and it’s because of the new tunes edgyauthor turned me on to. The following three tracks are really standing out to me right now, although just picking one song from each group was difficult because there are so many other amazing tracks too.

Flyleaf – “Red Sam”

Skillet – “Never Surrender”

The Afters – “Tonight”

Also, in writing news… Remember me mentioning in this post that I finally wrapped up the four chapters I was writing at the same time? Well I sat them aside for a few days and finally just re-read them today. One of the chapters was so emotionally overwhelming for Teagan that my eyes actually glossed over even though I’m the one who wrote it. I hope that’s a good sign?

Here’s a very *tiny* snippet (keep in mind this has not been edited whatsoever): Teagan’s POV


My eyes stared into hers in disbelief and I felt my nose start to clog with the tears I was desperately trying to hold back, “You knew my parents?”

Brynn, Levi, and Evie looked confused by my reaction. Bryce took my hand in his under the table and squeezed it. He stared at me with concern written all over his face. After everything he’d learned about me and my life today, he knew how finding out something like this was going to affect me.

Levi finished chewing what was in his mouth and asked, “They were your parents?”

Tears pooled in my eyes and I dropped my gaze to my plate again, incapable of looking at any of them. I couldn’t cry in front of his entire family, I had to find the strength within myself to settle down, but it wasn’t easy. Bryce continued to hold my hand, rubbing his thumb against the back of my hand. He answered for me with a nod and a face that told his family to drop it.

Brynn quickly changed the topic, with a fake upbeat tone to her voice I was grateful for so I could get myself together without everyone’s eyes on me. While she rambled on about some art project she wanted her fathers help with Bryce leaned into me and whispered against my ear, “Are you okay?”

I swallowed my pain and released his hand with a nod, returning to my meal while a million questions raced through my head. What were the chances that his parents knew my parents? That the three of us were all born on the same day? It just couldn’t be. It didn’t seem possible. But the question that lingered in my mind most of all escaped my mouth interrupting the conversation in play, “What were they like?”


Alright, well time to play a little catch up online. Kind of ignored the internet for the last two days and as usual I’m feeling guilty for it. And OMG, did I actually manage to make it through an entire post without mentioning Sherrilyn Kenyon or her Dark-Hunters? Well I guess I kind of just did, but I’m trying not to bore you all any more with my obsession (key word trying, doesn’t mean I’ll be completely successful).

Peace – Sarah


P.S. Earlier this week several of my LJ friends made posts in regards to a book entitled, SPEAK, by Laurie Halse Anderson (who is also the author of WINTERGIRLS). I have not read either of these books; however they are both in my wish list. Still, I understand they both feature very serious issues (rape and eating disorders) and have helped a great many who have faced said issues deal with them.

Apparently some man who I won’t even bother linking to (because I don’t believe he even deserves any more recognition for his arrogance) is pushing for a ban on SPEAK (10 years after it’s publication) on the basis that it should be considered soft porn. I’m a strong advocated against porn, but even without reading this book I think a comparison like this is just absurd. By no means could such a thing ever be similar. As a confession, rape is probably one of my biggest fears. If something like that should ever happen to me I know it would destroy me. There would be no “pleasure” in such an act, nor would reading about it.

Anyway, since I haven’t read the book I probably shouldn’t comment further as an uneducated opinion, but it bothered me greatly to hear the news from so many of my friends who have read it. If you’d like to see their educated opinions they can be read in any of the following posts:

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