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1. I actually wrote this weekend instead of reading. The restraint was difficult, but I managed. I only wrote a little over 3,000 words though which isn’t very impressive, however those 3,000 words brought conclusions to 4 different chapters I was writing at the same time so in a way I feel accomplished and glad to finally be able to move on from those chapters.

2. As far as reading is concerned, I’m starting DARK SIDE OF THE MOON (Dark-Hunter, Book 10) today and hope that I can make it stretch until the remaining Dark-Hunter books arrive which BTW I thought I had ordered the last 5 of the other day, but was apparently wrong and would have them out of order if I hadn’t also ordered the 4 Dream-Hunter novels as well… so I did yesterday. That’s going to be a total of 10 books arriving this week because I also already had THE REPLACEMENT on pre-order. I’ve decided officially, with the exception of pre-orders that I must have when they come out, my book buying days are over until after Christmas. I have more than enough books to read until then and I’ve got to stop spending so frivolously.

3. Also book related… I won a book! And not just any book either, an autographed copy of BOYS THAT BITE by Mari Mancusi via Beside the Norm. Thank you Heather (a.k.a. edgyauthor). I’ve never won anything before, nor do I have any autographed books. I’m excited like you can’t believe!

4. I’ve had an unexplainable numbness in my right hand for two days now that’s starting to concern me. Not to mention it’s making it difficult to do much with my hands (which means everything in my life). My hand was actually swollen when I woke up this morning, to the point that I couldn’t wear my rings. Any thoughts?

5. I’m overly eager for the season premiere of BIG BANG THEORY this week. Heath and I are also going to give VAMPIRE DIARIES a shot this season since TRUE BLOOD is over until next summer and the only other show we watch faithfully is DEXTER which we still need to catch up on a bit before it returns.

Peace – Sarah