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Do you ever feel like sometimes it’d just be easier to rewrite everything than trying to chop it up and still make it feel like it flows?

I keep going back to those first two chapters that I was certain I’d manipulated enough to fit the new direction and thinking, they need something more. They need to be rewritten. Maybe they don’t really need to be (I am over obsessive with re-reading and editing my own work), but I’m not sure I will stop thinking about it until I just do it. I worry though, that in doing so, I will only set myself up for re-writing the rest of the book as well in the end instead of editing what I already have.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, my own voice is muffled, reminding me how much I’ve already put into this – reminding me that I could be letting myself think about this too much, reminding me that I will be so much more disappointed than I already am over the changes if I don’t make some head way with them soon.

I wish my own voice would tell all the others to get it together already. To either rewrite it or don’t, but stop wasting time debating it!

Peace – Sarah