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So I’m sitting in the living room reading THE REPLACEMENT and I’m on page 282 of a 343 page book (so obviously I was fully intent on finishing it today… like within the hour).

It was at this super intense spot and as my eyes leave page 282 to finish the last sentence a new one begins on the next page without finishing the previous thought. The new sentence seems completely irrelevant to what I’d just been reading. Out of context. And it’s then that I discover the page number is 315 and 33 pages are missing from my copy!

I literally screamed, “NO!” angrily. As if somehow screaming might make the missing pages suddenly reappear.

Then I paced, not sure what to even do about it. I wanted to complain to someone. I wanted to demand it be fixed immediately. I WANTED to finish this book today!!!!

But who do I complain to? Amazon, who I ordered it from? The publisher? Do I let Brenna know? No one else complained about this error so it had to just be my copy.

So I called Amazon. They apologized over and over again and assured me that I must have just received a rare botched copy. Which they are replacing at no cost to me and not even requiring me to send back the dud. I’m grateful for this, but it won’t get here until Wednesday now. Three days! I have to wait three days to finish this awesomely intense book.

I just want to scream right now. Grrrrr….

– Sarah