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… But it was long. And exhausting.

I woke up at 6:30am after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep. It was rough waking up with so little sleep, but I had plans to meet my mom to have my truck worked on and finally go clothes shopping (for my birthday, which is seriously late).

I showed up at my moms around 7:30am with laundry in tow, half awake and shaky. I flopped down on the couch and covered my eyes with my forearm while she finished her make up. She said, “You’re not looking very chipper this morning.”

I mumbled, “I’m not entirely convinced I’m not still drunk from last night.” Which I wasn’t. I had stumbled the entire time getting ready. I domed an entire bottle of water in that first hour alone to rehydrate, but I wasn’t sure it was working. I wondered if I got pulled over if I’d even pass a test.

My dad, who was sitting at the PC, laughed breathlessly and said, “Wow…. nice,” sarcastically.

I mumbled some more to my dad about White Rabbits and the youtube link I sent him of “Lionesse” and how the pianist reminded me of my Uncle Bob. He said he’d check it out today since his fishing window was already lost for the day. When I finally returned home for the day I had an email that said he agreed they reminded him of my Uncle Bob and that he’d watched all of their videos and would see them live. Both my parents really have great taste in music sometimes. I love it.

Anyway, Mom and I headed out to have all 4 tires replaced on my truck by my to-be Brother-in-law at Mr. Tire. He gave us a seriously awesome discount which had me feeling ultra grateful considering it was coming out my Mom’s pocket. Plus he clarified for me the other things I need done on my truck to make it last which gives me a better feeling about the longevity of my dying machine.

Mom and I hit up a series of stores, mostly stores like TJ Max and Ross because you get more for your money for the same good products. And we stopped by the Verizon Wireless store for blue tooth upgrades since Maryland law enacted Oct. 1st requires hands free while driving and since my Mom is the only person I ever use my phone for and it’s while I’m on the way home from work every day hands free was kind of necessary. I also was at my 2 every 2 with new phones so I got a fancy new phone as well for free. Free is always nice.

We had Panera Bread Asiago Bagels for breakfast and I consumed more water throughout the morning than I normally do to subdue the lasting effects of last nights festivities. It worked, but by almost 3pm I was spent. My feet hurt so bad I could barely keep my shoes on so we finally called it a day.

I made out with several new awesome shirts, sweaters, and those cool long sweater vests I’ve been wanting. As well as a wickedly cool jacket (because you all should know by now that I love jackets like most women like shoes) and 2 new pairs of shoes (that are exactly the same except one is brown and one is black because I’m a creature of habit that way).

When I got home it took me an hour to remove all of the tags and “clean out” my closet of summer clothes, replacing them with my new additions (because it is officially colder here now (despite my Mom’s constant “I’m HOT!” comments all day. She’s clearly in the early stages of menopause.)) I took a 2 hour nap after that to make up for the all the lost sleep and have since been re-reading what I wrote last night for my book (which is a scene I’ve re-written six different ways, but *think* I may have finally written the one I want to keep) and reading THE REPLACEMENT (which BTW is sickeningly fabulous!).

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday as much as I did, despite my poor state at it’s beginning and the exhausting nature of it. I made out like a winner today and I have my awesome Mom to thank for that (love you, Mom!).

Peace – Sarah