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For a while now, as you may know, I’ve been contemplating moving this blog to either my own personal site or a more active blogging site like WordPress or Blogger. Well the decision has been made that I will blog from my own personal site, though blogging there won’t be a reality yet and I’m not even sure when it will be.

I do know that I will be using a WordPress script once I find a theme I’m happy with and luckily WordPress allows for importing everything from here and commenting from a variety of sites so you can all (if there’s even an all in that word) still follow my blog if you wish to. Also, while I might not comment much here, I will still mirror my blog here at least for a while.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a link to my website, which of course isn’t really functional and is only a splash page at the moment, but offers a variety of buttons to the many places you can find me online at the moment. Follow me somewhere. I’ll follow back, promise!

*Clicking the image above will take you to the site*