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For the past week+ I’ve been trying really hard to get on a better schedule in everything I do. How long it takes me to get ready, staying up to date with my online communities and friends, replying to emails, multitasking, getting to bed at reasonable hours, reading and writing consistently, eating healthy, etc… 

I wasn’t flawless in my effort (no one’s flawless in anything, of course), but I did a pretty damn good job at knocking almost all of my goals out without feeling like time had slipped away from me uselessly. In fact, I feel rather accomplished right now which I’m realizing has a great effect on my attitude and any chances I have at continuing on this productive path.

I think that sometimes it’s just too easy to get wrapped up in personal failures (no matter how big or small), or lost time. The weight becomes so heavy you feel like you’ll never escape out from under it and therefore spiral further out of control on this negative path of nothingness. I think I was heading there.

Sometimes it’s not easy to try and recover from built up anxiety or self-doubt, but you just have to pull your big girl panties up and trudge forward. Eventually you’ll find yourself back on top, wondering why you let so many menial things get the best of you.

I hope I don’t falter again anytime soon because I like this happy high feeling, but if I do, I hope I remember it’s only temporary. I have the control to change it and only I can seize the day and make it happen.

Peace – Sarah