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I haven’t stopped wiggling in my seat since I got up, listening to the same song on repeat since last night. (Gee, thanks Maggie – j/k) I want to dance again something fierce these days. I used to be so good at it, I wonder if I’d be brave enough to take classes again. Probably not, but maybe when I meet my desired weight.

While I sit here dancing in place, I’ve been bouncing between writing and reading. I finished “If I Stay” two days ago and since “The Forest of Hands and Teeth” hasn’t arrived yet (what is taking Amazon so long?), I started reading “The Law of Nines” by Terry Goodkind last night. I know I shouldn’t have picked it up yet, but I’m going to try and pace myself with this beast.

As far as all of these books I’ve read lately, I’m spotting a trend. And not a trend with the books because they are all so very different from each other, but a trend in me, one that bothers me. It seems like no matter how much I love the book while I’m reading it, or how much respect I have for the author’s writing ability, I never feel satisfied with the endings. Never. I mean there are some that I’m a little less displeased with, but generally I feel angry when I reach the last page. Like, WTF – that’s it? I don’t know exactly what else I’m expecting because in truth all of the stories end happily and come to an appropriate close. I just want more, I suppose? It’s bothering me though because while I’m reading I get so into it that I can’t wait to write up a review or tell someone about it, but the feeling I get at the end of the book makes those fuzzy good feelings early on disappear because the last thing I felt was negative. Does this happen to anyone else?

Writing wise this week, I got quite a bit of my marked up chapters revised and worked out a few new additions to scenes. I’m feeling a bit proud (particularly today) because I sent this Halloween chapter I’d written to my good friend (who critiques snippets that I share with her on occasion) and she wrote back a mountains worth of praises, even going as far as saying, it was my best work yet. I can’t even express how happy that makes me feel because it means my writing has grown and that particular chapter was a tough one for me so to see her reaction, her seeing it exactly as I meant it to be seen, makes me giddy.

Peace – Sarah