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Started reading Dexter last night and got to read a little more during my lunch break today. Wow what an intro. In fact it was far better in the book than it was depicted on the TV show, but I never feel like books are done enough justice when being brought to TV or film anyway so maybe I’m biased.

I also reached for a Joyce Meyer devotional again last night and wouldn’t you know the message was for me – targeting what was wrong in my mind. I can’t express the relief I feel in my chest when God speaks to me this way. It’s unbelievably comforting and a huge burst of strength to dust myself off and try again.

Overnight the healing process began and today I woke up with a different sense of me. I’m a little weary of all of these changes coming my way, but I know they’re necessary and the only way to succeed at even the smallest things in life is to work hard at it. And so I will.

I’m hoping to make the best of my 3 day Easter weekend. I fully intend on finishing all 3 Dexter books during this time (they’re pretty short) and Mom bought me “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks today so hopefully I can start that too. I’m completely submerging myself into books for the next week and letting all of those words, words that inspire me, heal my mind – then I’ll start anew.

Peace – Sarah


– There is always sun, if you just let it shine on you –