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I’m having a really hard time staying focused on anything except reading these days, but I made promises and I hate to break them. So here I am, trying to uphold said promises. (Sorry for the randomness of this post).

First: New Hair & BOYS THAT BITE! Finally it looks the way I wanted it, however it’s been raining for days on end here so the styling of said new hair isn’t going too great. I kept trying to put off the picture for a non-rain filled day, but I’m tired of waiting now. So imagine it styled better than the picture shows.

Thanks again Heather! (aka edgyauthor)

Second: I was apparently a lot sicker than I initially thought last week and ended up having to take two days off of work for what I assume was the flu. When you spend more time with a porcelain bowl than anything else, the flu is usually the culprit. I did get a lot of reading accomplished though, which brings me to…

Third: I finished ACHERON!

It is easily the best book in the series. Truthfully, the best book I’ve read all year. And if I’m really honest, it’s probably the best book I’ve read since I got into all these fantasy based reads. I even recommend it as a stand alone novel (if you never read another Dark-Hunter novel prior to or after) that’s how good it was.

Mind you, it’s a 750 page book that’s as heavy as an encyclopedia but it’s so enthralling you kind of can’t put it down. And it did some neat things like: start in 1st person from Acheron’s sister Ryssa’s diary at the moment he was born all the way up until he was about 17. I cringed, cried, and shook my head in disbelief for almost the first 250 pages. Then it switches to third person (like the rest of the series) and focuses on how Acheron’s taking how dreadful his life is. I chocked up some more in agony for a fictional character. Despite being a fantasy novel, this book is heavy with meaning, character depth, moral value, unbelievable strength, and more.

Since I know none of my LJ friends have read any of these books yet, FYI Acheron is the leader of the Dark-Hunters and is 11,000+ years old even though he looks 21. Throughout the entire series you know very little about him except that he is wise like Yoda and all powerful and you respect him for this. He’s also very selfless and removed, never letting anyone into his life even though he might like to and once you read his life story you finally understand why. Luckily, his story has a happy ending (well semi-happy I suppose considering someone’s always out to destroy him, but you’d have to keep reading the series to know that). If you only read one Dark-Hunter novel ever though, this is the one I’d suggest reading.

Oh and in case all of that doesn’t convince you, maybe this picture of who Sherrilyn and her fans all consider to be Acheron. Beautiful, right? I wonder if Travis Fimmel (Calvin Klein model featured below) knows how much of a fan base he has that aren’t Calvin Klein fans…

I only have 4 more books to read in this series now, one of which I’m more than halfway through and will likely finish tonight. I know there will be more books released, but I can already sense a bit of depression coming when I’m finally finished with them. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world these past couple of weeks and I will most definitely miss it.

Fourth: Oh the drama! My Friday night was filled with vomit and for once last week, it wasn’t mine. Regardless, it was nasty. The following text is copied from mine and Heath’s FB accounts (so any of you who are friends there too, sorry you’re seeing it twice).

My Status:

“Conversation I just had with my neighbors above (who’ve been partying annoyingly all night long)…

Me: Are you f*cking throwing up in my garden?
Drunken Guest: (leans over balcony as if he’s about to explode again) Yes.
Me: Are you f*cking kidding me? This is the second time you guys have thrown up in my garden. Your ass better get down he…re and clean that shit up this time.
Drunken Guest: (heaves, then breathes) I will Mame, I’m sorry.
Me: (Stomps back into house sighing in disgust)

I hate my neighbors….”

Heath’s Status:

“Hearing some one throw up in the backyard from a balcony because they can’t hold down beer, funny. Watching Sarah Whisted go outside and bitch the dude throwing up, telling him to come down and clean it. Priceless.”


Yeah, disgusting right? Funny as hell though. My neighbors have basically hidden from us since Friday. Never even turning lights on when they know we are home.

Fifth: That short story I wrote for Sisters Fate is a no go. After re-reading it I wasn’t satisfied enough with it to put online. I don’t know what it is with me and this fear I have over my work. I know you’ll all be respectable with your criticism, but I still freak out over the idea of putting it online. I’m still in disbelief that I’ve actually posted snippets of my real WIP. I think getting over this fear may seriously have to be something I work on in 2011 as a resolution. If I plan to be a successful writer I can’t carry the kind of fear I have, right?

Well I suppose that’s all the updates I have for you today. I’ll be making my monthly goals post tomorrow (on time for once) and trying to catch up on all the posts I missed in the past week. Sorry about that BTW… I’m going backwards in the way of technology. I grew up with it instead of books for entertainment. Now I seem to avoid all forms of technology (ex: PC’s, internet, TV’s, etc…) and only want to spend my time reading. Very bizarre.

Until next time…

Peace – Sarah