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I’ll be right back…. (Not literally, figuratively).

I’ve been sick for the past couple of days (nothing terrifying, but had me stuck in bed for the most part) so I spent those days reading. I’ve finished two more Dark-Hunter books since Monday and began the next today at lunch. This is the last one before the long awaited ACHERON so no doubt I want to race through it like I did the last few. WARNING: YOU MAY NOT SEE ME FOR A WHILE AS A RESULT. (Acheron is 3 times as large as all of the Dark-Hunter novels, it’s like the size of an encyclopedia!)

But I do promise you this: I was supposed to post a picture of my BOYS THAT BITE book, but was too sick and distorted to wanna share my face with you. However, this Sunday I am getting my hair done (hopefully the way I actually want it this time). So I will be posting that picture this weekend.

AND I will try to devote some of my soul to checking up on you guys (even if my own post doesn’t accompany my comments). I won’t lie though Sherrilyn has a hold on me so tight right now it’s even disturbing my sleep. Damn, that woman can write!

I may also be posting a short story finally based on the latest Sisters Fate prompt. I have some revising to do to the story, but I actually wrote something last weekend so it may get posted here.

In regards to my own book: I haven’t officially penned much in the way of those new chapters I spoke of last weekend, but I’ve been doing some acting on the way to and from work. Nothing feels completely solid yet, or at least it hasn’t convinced me enough yet to put it on paper, but I’m working on it. In the meantime enjoy this song. I’ll just call it Bryce’s theme song when it comes to Teagan. Doesn’t actually fit anywhere in the book in particular… well maybe Chapter 2 where you hear his POV for the first time and he tells…. haha, you thought I’d actually spill a fact. Sorry, maybe at a later date. Either way, enjoy 😉

Eleventh Hour – “A Girl Like That”

Peace – Sarah