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Several of you might know that yesterday (4/8/11) was my 29th birthday. I’ve always loved birthdays (even when they aren’t my own), but as I’ve aged I’ve grown less and less fond of my own. Still, I enjoyed this past birthday far more than I would have thought. I guess you could say I went out with a bang for my twenties. Come next year, I’m not so sure I’ll even want to acknowledge being 30 because I will officially feel OLD, but for now, I’m going to live it up at 29 as if I were still 21 (which is how old I actually feel).

I pretty much started celebrating my birthday on Wednesday 4/6/11. It was the only day of the week that all of my family could get together to go out to dinner. We went to PF Changs and it was delicious as always. I got the candied shrimp and walnuts with honeydew melon and for appetizers we had the chicken lettuce wraps. As a birthday treat they served me a tall shot glass of carrot cake and sang to me. It was a wonderful night!

(Pictures above are of my grandparents (Maw Maw & Paw Paw), My Parents, & My pregnant sister, Mom, & Me)

Thursday, at work, the girls treated me to a yummy lunch and gave me a pin that read, “I’m slacking off cause it’s my Birthday! (Tomorrow I’ll find another excuse!)” I rode a birthday high all day at work despite being relatively busy. Knowing I had the next four days off though and that my actual birthday was growing close just had me on cloud nine. It also made me have the attention span of a fly, but that’s a whole different topic.

Friday, my actual birthday, I went to breakfast at the Amish market with my Mom and then we went clothes shopping. We ended up back at the Amish market because those Amish can make some mean yumminess and I needed some to tote home! While I had plans to go out for dinner and a movie with Heath, I was too pooped after a day of shopping to venture out so I stayed home and had a few drinks with him instead.

For my birthday I received some amazing gifts. I don’t feel like birthday’s are about gifts AT ALL, but I do enjoy them nonetheless. Pictured below are all of the cards I received (many of which included money) and gifts from friends and family such as: Kinect for my Xbox (from my parents), Dance Central for the Kinect (from my sister), H20+ Milk Lotion (from my girl, Tella, which is by far the best lotion I’ve ever used and it’s totally natural!), a special edition Waterford Crystal Snow Globe (from my grandmother), and Art of my Cleaphyte characters from a particular birthday scene I’ve written (from my crit partner edgyauthor aka Heather, which also came with a boat load of amazing music!). Not pictured are all the clothes Mom and I shopped for.

There was a slight mishap in my birthday at the end of Friday night, but overall I am choosing to overlook it and remember the birthday as wonderful as it felt for the three days I lived it. I’m super grateful for all of those that made it wonderful. All the amazing messages of love I received on FB and via phone. I felt truly loved on my birthday and that above all else is what matters. Thank you to all who made it wonderful!

Peace – Sarah