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I’ve mentioned before that my main female character is a musician (a rock chick – singer, guitarist, & pianist), back when I was curious if cultural references such as the musicians she listened to should be real current day artists or not. Most were in agreement that that was okay because music is so essential to her and it only makes sense for her to talk about her favorite artists from time to time. But now as I prepare to re-write for the third time, I’ve got another question regarding her being a musician.

I’ve read a few books now with characters that were musically gifted and quite a bit of them actually wrote lyrics for their characters. However I am not a song writer, I’m just a story teller. Will my story fall short without lyrics to her songs? I do talk about the themes of her songs from other point of views, but never share actual lyrics because I don’t write music and suddenly I’m worrying that I need to. Will her talent be lost without lyrics for the reader?

Peace – Sarah