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You may or may not know already that my current work-in-progress is a horror/thriller novel temporarily being called Dreamsters (that title is far too fluffy for the nature of this story so it will absolutely change). In the book, nightmares are a reoccurring thing.

I’ve personally faced graphic, realistic nightmares since I was a very small child (ask my mom, she can attest to this) so it’s pretty easy for me to pull ideas from my own history on this matter. But I realize that some of the scariest things to me might not be scary at all to someone else. For example, some of my scariest dreams don’t always have a frightening plot, the scariest part about them is that I can’t scream for help (like my mouth is sewn shut) or I can’t open my eyes wide enough to properly see the thing creating so much panic in me.

So, in an effort to make sure I cover all aspects of fear factor with these nightmares, I thought it would be wise to find out what others are afraid of; what nightmares they consider the most frightening and why.

Tell me about your scariest nightmare! What keeps you up at night?