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It occurred to me late last night that it is almost impossible for me to get anything of substance actually written on weekdays. There’s just not enough time between getting home from work and going to bed to focus on it, especially because I usually have so many other things to do prior to winding down. Now I might be able to mark up what’s already written and revise, and write book reviews during the week, but writing anything new for my novel on a weekday just won’t happen.

I’ve decided that where most people take the weekend off from “jobs” mine will now be dedicated to my writing. If I can get up at a decent hour and stay on it for the entirety of the day then I know I will get something accomplished. I can’t just work on it for an hour or two. When I get writing I want to stay in the zone and the only way to do that is to have entire days dedicated.

So yeah, new plan of attack. We’ll see if it helps.

Peace – Sarah