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Unfortunately I’m not referring to my book. I forced myself to sit down and write last night, but due to a series of distractions out of my hands I didn’t get much accomplished. And by the time the distractions could be stopped my eyes were too heavy to stay awake.

The victory I’m referring to is that I finally got my iPod to sync! Who knows when and if I’ll be able to get it synced again, but right now I’m happy about the fact that all of these news songs I’ve acquired over the past few weeks are finally on my musical companion.

I predict I will be victorious writing this upcoming weekend though. I have a three day weekend (because of Memorial Day), and fully intend on finishing up what I’ve been avoiding like the black plague – rewriting those first five chapters into three. I will do it! Or so I hope. I feel like if I can just get past them I will be on a roll again and so I really aim to get them out of the way. I hope by the end of the day Monday I’ll be posting about their completion and word count and feeling all sorts of – yay, me – I hope. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And I’m seriously giving thought to walking to the carnival this weekend. It’s not a huge one or anything, but it’s not even a mile away. There’s no excuse not to at least visit it, even if it’s just for cotton candy. And the weather is supposed to be nice. When I say nice, I mean tolerable – normal spring weather. Not the sticky hot nonsense we’ve been having lately. More like 70, sunny and breezy which is much better in my opinion. Who knows, maybe my pasty skin will actually get some color. Probably not since the sun seems to reject me, but it would be nice to not look so translucent since my arms and legs will be more visible now in summer like attire.

I also plan to finally finish “The Forest of Hands and Teeth.” It’s never taken me so long to finish such a short book and it’s not that the book isn’t good because it definitely is. It’s just that I’ve been having a hard time staying focused on anything these days. It’s like I have ADD or something and it’s annoying the crap out of me. I already have “As you Wish” by Jackson Pearce to read too and you know I can’t seem to go a week without ordering a new book. I don’t want to get too backed up. Also, I desperately need a bookshelf. I have groups of books scattered all over my house now, with no true place to call their home. I’m thinking about having Heath make me one for the living room. One large enough to house all of the books we already own with room to grow since my addiction doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon.

Today I started writing a short story about the squirrels outside our house because they are hilarious to me and I love speaking for animals. I hope to wrap it up tonight and capture some pictures of them in the act so you won’t think I’m completely making their actions up. I don’t typically write comedy, but this one sort of is. I hope it comes across that way at least. My brand of funny isn’t always obvious in text, so… we’ll see I suppose.

Peace – Sarah