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1. On Repeat: Kings of Leon – “Radioactive”

Had to buy this track (because I know I love it (obviously since it’s on repeat)), but I’m waiting impatiently 25th in line to rent it from the library to see if the rest of the album is worth buying. Kings of Leon’s older stuff was highly influential in the beginning of my current WIP so it would be nice to have some new tunes of theirs to keep inspiring me until the end.

2. Recently Released Book Covers that make me giddy:

And let’s not forget these semi-recent awesome releases either:

3. Writing: I’m fighting the urge to acknowledge things that will distract me from writing. I swear it’s like as soon as I say, “I’m going to devote the rest of the month to writing,” all kinds of ideas and characters crawl out of the woodworks. Character wise, there are so many up there in my mind. Tons with very different personalities, looks, and lifestyles all screaming for my attention, but too many of them aren’t attached to any sort of story. What the heck is up with that? Story wise, I’m really feeling the South. I’ve always been a fan, far before I enjoyed reading about it (I mean 1/2 my family is from the South), but I really think I need to make the setting of a book in the South and soon because ignoring the ideas attached to it is driving me slightly mad.

Happy Friday Friends!

Peace – Sarah