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I remember first seeing Craig on The Colbert Report. Granted, Stephen Colbert was sort of poking fun of this “Cat Man” but it’s hard to make jokes about a man who has dedicated his life to a greater cause the way Craig has. Under his care, some 600 plus cats have been given a second chance, a home with someone who truly loves them and devotes every minute of his life to them.

I’ve followed Craig and his Caboodle Ranch on LiveJournal since the moment I became aware of his mission and it has been such an enjoyable thing to witness: all the new cats that come in, all the donations he receives to keep the ranch alive, all the days and nights he stays awake to fight for his “babies,” the pictures, the stories… all of it is so rewarding knowing that a good thing like this exists in our sometimes very ugly world.

Last week, though, Craig was taken away from the ranch with a gun to his head for a “misdemeanor” charge. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of too many misdemeanor charges that require a gun to the head, especially for such a docile and non-violent man. 

Apparently a PETA spy has spent the last 5 months undercover in Craig’s ranch as a volunteer, collecting misinformation and shaping a false story to support their own agenda: shutting down Craig’s Caboodle Ranch for good. He’s been painted as a hoarder and animal abuser now, titles that I could never even imagine being given to such a humble and goodhearted man. And titles that hold no actual bearing. Craig has faced the law many times before, and he has conformed to make sure he was caring for these cats in every bit of the right way possible by law and by heart.

To say that Craig has somehow put these cats’ lives in danger is an absolute lie. How the people putting him through this can even sleep at night is beyond me. They have done everything in their power to break a truly selfless man. What kind of person or organization thrives on this sort of treatment?

When Craig was finally allowed back to his ranch two days after his removal, the cats were gone and the perfect home he’d built them (little private houses, memories of the ranches history, etc..) had been destroyed and for no other reason than to break his heart a little more. It is truly a tragedy to know that such injustice can take place. Who is this action against a good cause actually benefiting? As I see it, no one. It’s only hurting people and animal alike.

Awareness is crucial at the moment. Please click HERE to read more about what is happening on Caboodle Ranch and how you might be able to help Craig get his furry children back. 

My prayers will be with Craig as he endures yet another roadblock in his effort to do good in this world. I hope you'll at least keep him in your thoughts or prayers as well. 

– Sarah

Visit the actual Caboodle Ranch Site