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Back in May The Color Run came to Baltimore, but I’d found out about it only weeks before the event and was physically unprepared for such a feat. Seeing everyone’s pictures after the fact made me really regret not taking part in it, though. It just looks so, so fun. So I told myself I’d make no excuses if it were to come back to Baltimore again and sure enough it’s coming back in November!

I sort of thought I’d have to run it alone since I don’t really have ‘in real life’ friends and I was worried about whether I was brave enough for that sort of thing and if it’d even be any fun if I went alone, but once I started talking about it to my family members all sorts of people wanted in. So now I’ve got a team that includes my brother-in-law, my mother, my aunt, my cousin and her boyfriend. Picking a team name was our next hurdle and even though my favorite choice was outvoted (Dye Dynasty – like the show Duck Dynasty, but also synonyms for Color Family) we settled on another I came up with – Band of Color (like the music group Band of Horses, but also a synonym for rainbow).

Since it’s not until the end of November, I’ve got plenty of time to get ready this time and I can even wait until this oppressive heat starts to fade away before subjecting myself to C25K to train for the run. I used to love to run and I’m really looking forward to using this as a reason to get back into it. And if some weight falls away from me while I’m at it, then that’s just one more reason to stick with it after The Color Run has passed.

I’m super excited.

Have any of you done The Color Run before?