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Winter was technically over the Thursday before last (3/20), but shhh, don’t tell the weather that. While we’ve had a couple spring-like 70° days, generally it’s still really chilly here in Maryland.


Naturally, I’m loving every minute of it.


As of this past Tuesday, we’ve had 19 snow events this winter. We even had a bit of snow mixed into our rainy day yesterday, but it wasn’t quite cold enough to amount to anything. Compared to winter’s past (or lack thereof), we’ve been mighty blessed if you ask me. Of course, the majority of everyone I know is so over snow and cold temperatures they’ve become hateful about it. I figure, you can’t change the weather, so you might as well find some way to love it.


For the past three months all I’ve really taken pictures of is snow and ice so I thought I’d finally share some since I’m pretty sure real snowfall is probably over.


Spring never lasts very long in Maryland and I imagine it will be a chilly, rainy one and I’m totally okay with that. Still, I’ll miss you, Winter. 🙂