2011 In Review: Music (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of my reflections of music in 2011! This one pays homage to the bands themselves (*new bands that really stood out to me this year over all the others) and to the people who turned me on to them (sometimes that includes myself)!

*New to me, not necessarily new to the world

Note: Clicking the image of each band will take you to their site and music. You should totally click their images to check them out!

Corruption from Heather

Even though I’ve known Heather for a couple of years now and we talk literally every day via email, chat, etc…, it wasn’t until this year that our game of music corruption really began. I honestly don’t remember exactly how it started. I think it was a song by The Hush Sound that might have been the beginning of what has been an awesome year of sharing music with her. I remember sending it to her via email because it was currently living on repeat for me and discovering that she abuses single songs just as much as me. Within a few days we’d both listened to the song so many times it was ridiculous and it spawned something wonderful. A year later and we’ve shared an uncountable amount of music with each other, almost all of which we easily fell in-love with. Sharing music is always fun, but it’s so much better to share it with someone who’s ears are so attuned to the same thing as yours! Of all the bands Heather has turned me onto the two that consistently get the most plays are:

Sick Puppies

According to Heather, the first two songs she ever sent me were “Survive” and “The Bottom” because they’re her favorites. I just know that I loved Sick Puppies so much based on just those songs that I pretty much pestered her until she sent me more. As you saw in my previous music post that I loved this band enough to make one of their tracks the most played track of the year. If I had posted the top twenty most played tracks of the year five of them would have been Sick Puppies songs. I’d say that says a lot about how much I ended up loving this band this year!



When I was growing up, I was into quite a few Christian rock bands, but for a while there the sound just wasn’t compatible to the other rock music I listened to and I stopped giving it a shot. So, I was surprised when Heather introduced me to this band and I fell in-love with their sound instantly, to then discover that they were a Christian rock band. I guess religious rock has made a comeback? It doesn’t really matter that they’re a Christian group, but I have to admit that the lyrics of their songs move me a little more than most and I love how they can so cleverly weave those powerful words into a sound that’s so hard and unlike most Christian music. Needless to say, this has become a band that has not only helped me write, but filled my soul with comfort when I’ve needed it most. They’re a really great band that I doubt I’ll grow tired of anytime soon.


Corruption from Steve

Mine and Steve’s friendship began solely because of music. Originally he was a friend of Heath’s, who heard I liked Atreyu and wanted to see if I’d heard of some of his other favorite bands. Turns out he had a heck of a lot more bands under his belt in this genre of music than I had even heard of and his influence on me was crazy-strong. Since meeting him in August, I’ve added almost 4GB of music to iTunes. That’s almost half of the entire year’s additions. I would like to say I may have equally corrupted him with some of my favorite music, but our relationship is pretty one sided unfortunately. He gives, I take. Luckily, he’s a good sport and seems to enjoy getting me into something new!  While many of the bands he’s turned me onto deserve recognition, the following two are by far my favorites:

Artifex Pereo

Very rarely does a band have such consistency for me that I can listen to anything they put out and love it all equally. Sure, I’ll still have songs I’m more drawn to and particularly based on my mood, but if I can listen to every song without skipping a track it says a lot about a band. This group qualifies as one of those rare few. While I suppose their music generally has a harder sound, they also have these brilliant moments of softness too. Their instrumentals can be beautifully complicated or perfectly simple and still amaze you. They have potential to be around for a very long time if they stick with it, in my opinion. They’ve recently acquired a new singer and I just hope he helps the band bring as much to the plate as they have before. I can’t wait for new music in the future and I truly hope I get to see a show one day!


Dance Gavin Dance

This band can be a bit difficult, but not because of their musical ability. They’re difficult because of the way they flip-flop singers. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The singers they’ve featured have been equally skilled, but it leaves each album holding a noticeably different sound. Again, though, that’s not a bad thing. To me, they mix singing and screaming in a really entertaining way and their screaming isn’t so muffled that you couldn’t scream along (which happens too often unfortunately with screamer bands). This is the type of band that I imagine I’d go crazy to in a pit at a show and I really hope I get to see them live one day to test this theory.


Rediscovered Bands

Sometimes I have a tendency to forget about bands I love. I blame this partly on the fact that I don’t listen to the radio and rely greatly on others to corrupt me musically. Because of social mediums though it’s been easier to stay up to date with music I like, but before it, sometimes it was pretty easy for me to be distracted by something new and let the other bands I like fall by the wayside. This year I found a few bands I used to love again and “catching up” on all I’d missed over the year was far too fun! Reliving my memory of why I loved them before certainly won’t let me forget about them again!

Mindless Self Indulgence

Maybe the year was 2002 when I first got into MSI. I was wearing face paint a lot back then because I was “down with the clown” and MSI was a fairly popular band with the Juggalos. I wouldn’t have had to be a Juggalette, though, to like MSI. The problem was, I stopped hanging around those clown kids in 2004 and lost my connection to this semi-underground band. When I got into that The Left Rights song that was the most played track of the year last January, I felt compelled to check up on MSI and see what they’d been up to for the last few years. Turns out, it was a lot! Quickly, I just had to buy everything I’d missed and was also blessed with the re-release of Tight as Tighter this year. Needless to say, they were my favorite “rediscovered band” of the year.



Thrice is one of those bands that I always liked whenever I heard them, but never actually owned anything by them which made it even easier to forget about them when I wasn’t around people who also listened to their brand of music. This year, though, Steve can take credit for re-introducing them to me and just in time, too, for their latest album. Sadly, shortly after the release of Major/Minor they announced that they’d be on hiatus for a while to enjoy their home lives. While I’m disappointed that just as I’ve acquired all of their music, they’ve left the scene, I also have a lot of respect for talented people who don’t let their talent take away from their real lives too. I’m sure they’ll be back one day and when they return, I’m confident it will be stellar!


Dead Bands*

Stumbling onto bands that totally rock after the fact can be fun because they usually come with a hefty load of music to keep your ears occupied. The downfall, though, is that that’s all you’ll ever get out of them. You’ll never have an opportunity to see them live, you’ll never hear new music from them, and you’ll probably never even be able to find a t-shirt or decent memorabilia unless they were super famous. That part sucks. Being dead or not, though, doesn’t mean I won’t still love them. This year’s favorite “dead bands” include:

He Is Legend

Again, Steve can take credit for turning me onto He Is Legend. In fact, the first song he ever sent me was “Do You Think of Pretty.” He had said he knew I’d like this band, without doubt, because “girls think Schuylar’s pretty vanilla.” That didn’t really have anything to do with why I ended up loving them, but it did make me laugh. Anyway, many albums later and I was hooked to He Is Legend and sad to know that they were on hiatus with no future in the works.



I blame the fact that I had forgotten about MSI for the past couple of years on not knowing about Morningwood. I mean, the lead singer is Jimmy Urine’s wife. There’s no way if I’d stayed up to date with MSI that I would have missed out on the awesomeness that is Morningwood. In fact, finding them at all this year is completely because of rediscovering MSI. YAY for social mediums and bands pumping up their buddies! 🙂 Anyone that knows me, knows I love rocker chicks and when you’re as talented as Chantel and your band reminds me of 90’s rock, well… it’s a no brainer, I’m gonna love you.


(*Apparently, despite believing both of these bands would never make a comeback all year, I’ve just recently discovered that there may be hope for them both after all! He Is Legend has already announced they will be releasing a new album in 2012 and Morningwood is currently listed as the opening band for Mindless Self Indulgence this year on tour. This makes me incredibly happy.)

Want to see if you can corrupt me musically in 2012?

I dare you. 😉



November: On Repeat (Special Edition)

Since November was NanoWrimo month I didn’t really allow my ears to hear much outside of the playlist for my NanoNovel, Crack the Sky. Because of this I’ve decided to simply post said playlist (or at least the 10 songs with the highest play counts at the end of my NanoWrimo mania).
Also, if you’re interested in seeing some snippets from Crack the Sky click HERE!

Emarosa – “Breather”

He Is Legend – “Mean Shadows”

Artifex Pereo – “The Lantern & the Firefly”

Three Days Grace – “Overrated”

Thrice – “Moving Mountains”

Red – “Watch You Crawl”

Tides of Man – “Chemical Fires”

Prom Kings – “Angels”

Sharon Van Etten – “Love More”

Florence + the Machine – “Seven Devils”

Since I will most likely listen to nothing but Christmas music in December and plan to do the 25 Days of Christmas Music posts like I did last year, this will be the last On Repeat post of the year. At the end of December though, keep an eye out for my 2011 in Review posts, of which there will be more than one music themed one this year!
Peace – Sarah


May: On Repeat

May was another great month for music in my world. You would think with as much new music as I’ve obtained this year the need for more would settle down, but I think it only encourages it. Anyway, without further ado, here is what lived on repeat in the month of May. Enjoy!

(As usual edgyauthor (aka: Heather) is largely responsible for this list.)

1. “U.R.A Fever” by The Kills

Heather sent me this track and characters from my current WIP’s companion novel quickly snatched it up. They’ve already got a whole cool walk sequence scene all planned out for it and because the song is relatively short, it quickly climbed the list as the most played track in May.

2. “Angels” by The Prom Kings

Another Heather-influenced track this month and one that woke up characters I’d thought had long given up on me. Not only did they come alive to claim this song as theirs they also told me the ending of their book (which was part of the reason I’d given up on their story as a whole because you can’t really have a book without an ending).

3. “Pray for Me” by Sixx:A.M. (Warning: Video is explicit)

Yet another track Heather turned me onto, but it just got a lot of plays because I actually liked it so much. Seems unheard of anymore, right? LOL!

4. “Nothing & Everything” by Red (aka “Fight Inside” acoustic style)

I already loved the regular version (Fight Inside) and Teagan of my current WIP can definitely relate to its lyrics come book 2. Naturally she wasted no time also claiming this softer, more moody version as well once I’d received it (via Heather, of course).

5. “Shoot Your Gun” by 20-22s

Wow, Heather influenced songs completely dominate this month’s on repeat (wait, who’s surprised? No one, right? Hehe). Again, an awesome song that only got so many plays because I actually liked it!

6. “Arise (Ben Moody Mix)” by Flyleaf

Heather got me into this band last year and previous music posts will prove just how much I like them, but this latest track came from an album I actually didn’t have and I can’t help but get chills up my arms every time the chorus kicks in (chills in a good way).

7. “Library Pictures” by Arctic Monkeys (Warning: Video is out of sync)

This really needs little explanation because there’s been an Arctic Monkeys track on repeat for the past 3 months as the release of “Suck it and See” nears. It’s just 7 days away now and I am eagerly awaiting my pre-ordered copy. I have no doubt that there will be more than one song in June’s On Repeat post as this CD is sure to get played ad nauseum this month!

8. “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO

Every once and a while I stumble across a song I can’t believe I’m enjoying and this happens to be one of them. I honestly can’t even remember how I found the video, but after watching it and finding it highly entertaining I bought the track and listened to it over 100 times that night on repeat. Look, I like to dance and this song definitely screams dance. It didn’t hurt that future characters snatched it up and provided a fun scene to watch while it played over and over again! 🙂

9. “Money Shot” by Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine

Jimmy Urine (aka singer of Mindless Self Indulgence) got together with producer/DJ Mustard Pimp) and the result is this crazy awesome song. The video is heavy on the crazy, just saying.

10. “Get Up” by Korn featuring Skrillex

Another interesting mash-up, Korn, who I’ve loved since middle school days, teamed up with producer/DJ Skrillex and this wickedly awesome track was the result. I love when unusual pairings make music. 🙂

And while I usually keep this list to 10 tracks, I purchased 2 new (to me) Mindless Self Indulgence albums last weekend and half of those tracks already have more plays than some of the songs in this list so to honor them and their awesomeness (and all that I’ve missed for the past couple of years) here’s the most played track so far – I can guarantee you that there will be more listed in June’s On Repeat.

Bonus: “Never Wanted to Dance” by Mindless Self Indulgence

So what have you guys been listening to? Anything I might *need* to hear? 😉

Peace – Sarah



March: On Repeat (Two Days Late)

It should be no surprise to anyone after last month’s post that Heather (edgyauthor) is highly responsible for this month’s songs on repeat again. Our music influence on each other kind of went wild this month. If I thought we were competing to outdo each other last month, this month was no joke. I’m not sure who wins or loses in these sorts of things really because being subjected to so much awesomeness isn’t really a bad thing, even if those songs do momentarily take over your life.

Here are the tracks that did that to me this month (in order of the most played). If Heather didn’t turn me onto it and I did somehow stumble upon it myself, a heavy explanation will accompany it. Otherwise assume most of this list is her fault 😉

Arctic Monkeys – “Brick By Brick”

When I saw this track pop up on my FB list I seriously SQUEE’d, like out loud for real. I knew there had been talk of possible new music coming from them soon (as in some time this year), but I had no idea it would be this soon. And then I found out the whole album in which this track is on will be out as early as June and I physically SQUEE’d some more. And to further excite me to the point of dizziness, I found out they are touring again – HERE – in May! I’m still trying to work out the details on whether someone will actually go with me or not since I seem to be the only person I know who loves them like I do, but I seriously don’t want to miss the opportunity to see them live again. Arctic Monkeys are absolutely one of my favorite bands. They haven’t let me down once yet and I don’t foresee them doing so anytime soon.

Kerli – “Hurt Me”

Over and over again this song played. I couldn’t stop it. It was the beat, the lyrics, the frame of mind I was in, the story I know it belongs to…. All of these things made this song burst to the top!

Puddle of Mudd – “Spin You Around”

After recently acquiring all of their albums, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this band for as long as I have. I mean it’s not like I hadn’t heard of them, I just never actually looked into them further which was a huge error on my part. While tons of their songs lived on repeat this month and even picking a favorite would be impossible, this song in particular stood out the most this month because one of my characters completely claimed it theirs and MADE me listen to it ad nauseum while they worked out scenes for me that it could relate to.

Snake River Conspiracy – “Lovesong”

A classic in its own right, but this version is so raw and awesome and well even though I only know of it because it belongs to one of Heather’s series, one of my characters has claimed it hers too, but for a reasonable explanation. What’s funny to me is that this month I also fell in love with an Adele version of this song as well. While that one didn’t get nearly as many plays (to make this post), they are both awesome in their own ways!

Black Light Burns – “I have a Need”

There will be two tracks by this band and totally because of Heather – Lord knows I’d never heard of this band prior to her, but I’m super glad she got me into them. I love this band for the way they remind me of NIN, but somehow sound like their own self too (if that makes sense).


Black Light Burns – “Lie”

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z & Nicki Minaj – “Monster”

Honestly, I don’t even like Kanye (for a lot of reasons), but I found myself listening to this song a crazy amount of times this month. Maybe it was the wickedly dark side these rappers chose to roam (which isn’t all that common for them), or the clunky awesome beat. I’m not sure what it is exactly that drew me to it, but I can’t lie, it lived on repeat for a few days and may even make it on one of my horror themed WIP’s soundtracks one day.

Red – “Buried Alive”

Heather really got me into this band last month with “Death of Me” and after acquiring their CD’s this month I just fell more in love with them. This particular song is definitely Cleaphyte Soundtrack worthy!

Toro y Moi – “New Beat”

This is just one of many that came free this month via my friend Contessa through iTunes & SPIN Magazine’s Free April Playlist. You can click HERE to download them all too and you definitely should cause there were lots of awesome tracks included in the 19 song freebie 😉

So that’s it, for the most part. Honestly I could post an enormous list of songs for this month, but I’m trying to keep it at a moderate amount and so these are the top songs. Find any tunes you loved?

I already know April will be FULL of favorites. There are some that will definitely leak over from the end of March that just couldn’t make this list because they arrived so late, but they will DEFINITELY be there.

What are you guys listening to these days?

Peace – Sarah



February: On Repeat

Sponsored by Heather (aka edgyauthor)

To put it simply, Heather and I are both music junkies. And we’re so musically connected that it seemed like a battle of who could corrupt who more this month with our music suggestions. It was unbelievably fun! Needless to say though, she may have won because all except 3 of this month’s tracks on repeat were provided by her.

Because she was such a good-bad influence this month I’ll start with the songs she had me playing the most (and in the order she turned me onto them).

The first song fit my current WIP’s soundtrack so perfectly I just couldn’t not love it.

SafetySuit – “Find A Way”

This song has the exact sort of fiery intensity I like, gets my blood pumping, and knowing the purpose it will one day serve makes it even cooler!

Three Days Grace – “Scared”

The next two songs are by the same artist (Sick Puppies) and once I started listening to them together on repeat around 2am I just lost track of time completely. The next thing I knew it was 6am, we were still chatting in Gchat, and the songs were still on a loop. I just couldn’t stop rocking out to them!

Sick Puppies – “Survive”


Sick Puppies – “The Bottom”

After these first batches of corruption (which came with other songs as well, but those listed above just stood out the most to me), the battle to outdo each other really seemed to begin. Next came two artists I’d never even heard of before, but loved instantly!

Red – “Death of Me”


Boomkat – “The Wreckoning”

And finally, she really turned me onto a band called, Avenged Sevenfold, but of all of the songs I’ve heard so far by them this one will not leave my brain!

Avenged Sevenfold – “Bat Country”

You have no idea how many more songs she got me into this month, but of them all those listed above hold the most potential and currently have the highest play counts according to iTunes. Thanks, Heather! Music Corruption is so damn fun with you 🙂

Now, outside of everything she got me into this month, I also found a couple of songs on my own (or with the aid of other friends) that I just had to have and hear a million times. The first was just too beautiful to pass up, and the second one definitely makes my current WIP’s soundtrack. In fact I’ve already started the scene it belongs to and it’s HOT! And the third… well it has such a great danceable beat, but oh, Rihanna, you’re so naughty! HAHA!

Adele – “Rolling In The Deep”


Miguel – “Sure Thing”


Rihanna – “S & M”

As you can see it was a BIG music month for me, especially considering how little days there actually were in February. It was such a fun month though (where music’s concerned at least). You think this ton of newbies will hold me over throughout next month? Ha! It’s seriously doubtful. I’ve been told I bleed music and I think it might just be one of the most accurate descriptions of how much I need music.

Until Next Time,