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Sponsored by Heather (aka edgyauthor)

To put it simply, Heather and I are both music junkies. And we’re so musically connected that it seemed like a battle of who could corrupt who more this month with our music suggestions. It was unbelievably fun! Needless to say though, she may have won because all except 3 of this month’s tracks on repeat were provided by her.

Because she was such a good-bad influence this month I’ll start with the songs she had me playing the most (and in the order she turned me onto them).

The first song fit my current WIP’s soundtrack so perfectly I just couldn’t not love it.

SafetySuit – “Find A Way”

This song has the exact sort of fiery intensity I like, gets my blood pumping, and knowing the purpose it will one day serve makes it even cooler!

Three Days Grace – “Scared”

The next two songs are by the same artist (Sick Puppies) and once I started listening to them together on repeat around 2am I just lost track of time completely. The next thing I knew it was 6am, we were still chatting in Gchat, and the songs were still on a loop. I just couldn’t stop rocking out to them!

Sick Puppies – “Survive”


Sick Puppies – “The Bottom”

After these first batches of corruption (which came with other songs as well, but those listed above just stood out the most to me), the battle to outdo each other really seemed to begin. Next came two artists I’d never even heard of before, but loved instantly!

Red – “Death of Me”


Boomkat – “The Wreckoning”

And finally, she really turned me onto a band called, Avenged Sevenfold, but of all of the songs I’ve heard so far by them this one will not leave my brain!

Avenged Sevenfold – “Bat Country”

You have no idea how many more songs she got me into this month, but of them all those listed above hold the most potential and currently have the highest play counts according to iTunes. Thanks, Heather! Music Corruption is so damn fun with you 🙂

Now, outside of everything she got me into this month, I also found a couple of songs on my own (or with the aid of other friends) that I just had to have and hear a million times. The first was just too beautiful to pass up, and the second one definitely makes my current WIP’s soundtrack. In fact I’ve already started the scene it belongs to and it’s HOT! And the third… well it has such a great danceable beat, but oh, Rihanna, you’re so naughty! HAHA!

Adele – “Rolling In The Deep”


Miguel – “Sure Thing”


Rihanna – “S & M”

As you can see it was a BIG music month for me, especially considering how little days there actually were in February. It was such a fun month though (where music’s concerned at least). You think this ton of newbies will hold me over throughout next month? Ha! It’s seriously doubtful. I’ve been told I bleed music and I think it might just be one of the most accurate descriptions of how much I need music.

Until Next Time,