2014 In Review: Stuff I Loved

A new addition to my year end reviews!


I have one of those personalities that falls in-love with things almost obsessively until something else comes along and demands more of my attention. Below are the big things I fell in-love with in 2014 and why you should check them out, too!




Let’s not pretend I’m a small person. Okay, I mean, I am small in stature (5’ 1”), but I’m curvy even at my skinniest weight and I’m not skinny right now. As a result, finding cool clothes that fit me has been difficult in years past, leaving me dressed like some old lady – which I am not. In fact, if I had to describe the style that fits my personality most, it’d be edgy. I can’t even remember the search term that brought me to Torrid, I just know I was sadly searching the internet for cooler clothes in my size when I stumbled upon them and was instantly addicted.


Admittedly, I’ve nearly replaced my entire wardrobe with Torrid clothes this year, which was a hit to my pocket, but the reason I love them so much is not just because their style is in line with mine, but also because I’ve never paid full price for a thing there. Deals-Deals-Deals, every single day.


Having “cool” clothes that actually fit my frame has done wonders for my mental state where my self-esteem is concerned, and sure, I’d still like to be thinner, but I have to admit I don’t hate my fatness the way I did before – where I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without wanting to cry. At least now, it’s confined properly in clothes designed for a body like mine, that don’t make me look old, and dare I say, I’ve even felt somewhat pretty on occasion this year thanks to Torrid.


If you’re a bigger girl (size 12-22) and looking for something stylish and reasonably priced, you should probably check them out HERE!



Jelsa (Jack Frost + Queen Elsa)


My good friend, Heather, got me into Frozen this year and I just happened to watch Rise of the Guardians on demand shortly after watching Frozen because I was looking for something similar. It was instant, this love I had for Elsa and Jack together, a crossover that will never happen. My mind drew up all sorts of connections, all sorts of back stories. It was silly, really, but I couldn’t stop myself. And when I told Heather about it, she said I wasn’t alone. That apparently a whole fanbase existed to support “Jelsa.” This only encouraged my imagination and my first OTP became a thing. I love the idea of Jelsa being a real thing so much that Heather got me these adorable Jelsa stickers for my birthday this year and I even commissioned her for some winter Jelsa art. I don’t know if anyone can convince me to stop loving an impossible thing at this point.


(I’ve commissioned Heather for even more “fan art” this year. Check out this Ever After High inspired piece she did for another franchise she got me into. For more information on her commission work, click HERE!)


Loot Crate


Another good friend, Akoss, can take the blame for my love of Loot Crate. She started a youtube channel this year, mostly to highlight her love for reading, and while catching up on it one night, I watched her first Loot Crate unboxing. The video wasn’t even completely over before I knew I HAD to sign up. I wanted every single thing in that box. Just the idea of getting a themed, geeky filled box of fun every month for such a crazy low cost was appealing enough, knowing the kind of stuff that would arrive in them really sealed the deal for me. Sometimes there’s a shirt, or toy, or comic book – lots of the time they’re exclusive items that can only be acquired through Loot Crate! Below are just a few examples of some the boxes I’ve received since. It’s a subscriptions service/treat I’ll definitely allow myself to keep up in 2015.


(Click through the slideshow above for a few samples of the crates I’ve received this year!)


(Learn more about Loot Crate HERE! Check out Akoss’ youtube channel HERE!)





Yet again, another dear friend, Nakia (aka: my pseudo-sister), can take credit for my love of Jamberry this year. (Look I’m easily corruptible, obviously.) She decided to be a consultant so she could make a little money while going back to school and caring for her son and at first I only gave it a shot because I wanted to support her new venture. I didn’t really expect to love it as much as I did, but 20 Jams later and I’m hooked. Admittedly, these don’t always last the full 2 weeks for me, but that’s okay because I know I’m hard on my nails and they still last a heck of a lot longer than nail polish does. Plus, SUCH CUTE DESIGNS! I couldn’t get these adorable prints with nail polish even if I tried. Maybe they seem a little expensive, especially if it’s your first time, but they really are a nice treat if you’re someone who likes having fun nails!




(If you are interested in checking out Jamberry, you can request a sample or check out Nakia’s shop HERE!)

Funko (read: Toys)


My love of toys isn’t a new thing, but it has been resurrected, thanks to Loot Crate. When I moved into my apartment 7 years ago, I didn’t bring any of my toys with me. I have a lot that I’ve collected over the years, waiting patiently for me in my parents attic, because apartment living isn’t really ideal for large collections such as mine. I always imagined myself having a whole room dedicated to my toys or maybe one that was shared with my books or something, but here I am 7 years later and still in an apartment and I’m just tired of missing out on something I’ve always loved. Loot Crate exposed me to Funko’s mystery minis back in September. It’s not like I’d never heard of Funko before, in fact I’ve been tempted many a time to pick up a Pop! figure, but once I had that first mystery mini in my possession, I couldn’t stop myself from buying more. And so in the last three months, my collection went from nothing to this (see below) and I think it’s safe to say this toy collector is back in action!


Funko 2014


In 2015, Funko will be releasing a new line of Frozen Pop!’s and mini’s that I must have and a line of Garbage Pail Kids inspired figures too. I’m already SO excited!


I’m sure there were other things I got into in 2014, but these are the handful I’m pretty sure will stick around for a long time to come. What kinds of things did you get really into in 2014?


Today… was a Good Day

… But it was long. And exhausting.

I woke up at 6:30am after only 4 1/2 hours of sleep. It was rough waking up with so little sleep, but I had plans to meet my mom to have my truck worked on and finally go clothes shopping (for my birthday, which is seriously late).

I showed up at my moms around 7:30am with laundry in tow, half awake and shaky. I flopped down on the couch and covered my eyes with my forearm while she finished her make up. She said, “You’re not looking very chipper this morning.”

I mumbled, “I’m not entirely convinced I’m not still drunk from last night.” Which I wasn’t. I had stumbled the entire time getting ready. I domed an entire bottle of water in that first hour alone to rehydrate, but I wasn’t sure it was working. I wondered if I got pulled over if I’d even pass a test.

My dad, who was sitting at the PC, laughed breathlessly and said, “Wow…. nice,” sarcastically.

I mumbled some more to my dad about White Rabbits and the youtube link I sent him of “Lionesse” and how the pianist reminded me of my Uncle Bob. He said he’d check it out today since his fishing window was already lost for the day. When I finally returned home for the day I had an email that said he agreed they reminded him of my Uncle Bob and that he’d watched all of their videos and would see them live. Both my parents really have great taste in music sometimes. I love it.

Anyway, Mom and I headed out to have all 4 tires replaced on my truck by my to-be Brother-in-law at Mr. Tire. He gave us a seriously awesome discount which had me feeling ultra grateful considering it was coming out my Mom’s pocket. Plus he clarified for me the other things I need done on my truck to make it last which gives me a better feeling about the longevity of my dying machine.

Mom and I hit up a series of stores, mostly stores like TJ Max and Ross because you get more for your money for the same good products. And we stopped by the Verizon Wireless store for blue tooth upgrades since Maryland law enacted Oct. 1st requires hands free while driving and since my Mom is the only person I ever use my phone for and it’s while I’m on the way home from work every day hands free was kind of necessary. I also was at my 2 every 2 with new phones so I got a fancy new phone as well for free. Free is always nice.

We had Panera Bread Asiago Bagels for breakfast and I consumed more water throughout the morning than I normally do to subdue the lasting effects of last nights festivities. It worked, but by almost 3pm I was spent. My feet hurt so bad I could barely keep my shoes on so we finally called it a day.

I made out with several new awesome shirts, sweaters, and those cool long sweater vests I’ve been wanting. As well as a wickedly cool jacket (because you all should know by now that I love jackets like most women like shoes) and 2 new pairs of shoes (that are exactly the same except one is brown and one is black because I’m a creature of habit that way).

When I got home it took me an hour to remove all of the tags and “clean out” my closet of summer clothes, replacing them with my new additions (because it is officially colder here now (despite my Mom’s constant “I’m HOT!” comments all day. She’s clearly in the early stages of menopause.)) I took a 2 hour nap after that to make up for the all the lost sleep and have since been re-reading what I wrote last night for my book (which is a scene I’ve re-written six different ways, but *think* I may have finally written the one I want to keep) and reading THE REPLACEMENT (which BTW is sickeningly fabulous!).

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday as much as I did, despite my poor state at it’s beginning and the exhausting nature of it. I made out like a winner today and I have my awesome Mom to thank for that (love you, Mom!).

Peace – Sarah



Self Image & Style

This is a topic that almost always interferes with my thoughts, even when the person deep inside of me doesn’t want it to. I am not shallow. I am not concerned with my outward appearance. But then again, I am. There are things I wish I could wear, things I wish I could rock, but a pain exists inside of me in knowing that I can’t, that I will never be that kind of girl.

It’s not that it’s not in my blood, in my soul. It’s just that my body isn’t built for such beauty. The worst part of it all though is that, my mind wants to see me as something that I’m not. And when I say this, don’t go assuming I mean in a negative way. I have the absolute opposite of POV when it comes to my self image. I don’t know if that’s an actual disorder like bulimia or anorexia where girls who are actually sickly skinny still see themselves as fat, but it’s something. In my minds eye I am fit, tiny and athletically built. Someone with tone muscles and lean. But I am not and the reality is no matter how hard I try it’s unlikely I ever will be. I’m not designed that way. Being in front of a mirror reminds me of this every day.

I am short; barely 5’1” and my bones are thick. Even if I could be the weight doctors recommend my wider structure would just look awkward. I naturally have large breasts (which sadly just might be my best aspect) no matter how skinny I am and my hips are wide to match their girth. I can’t remember a time I was ever under 100lbs. and doctors say based on my height and age that I should be no more than 115 lbs. I can’t see this ever happening, no matter how badly I’d like it too or how hard I work for it.

Still, my mind sees me like this. It envisions me as this tiny, petite awesomely built person that I am not and will never be no matter how much I try. I used to work at a gym and I had unlimited access to personal training and equipment and back then I was in the best shape of my life and I still wasn’t my recommended weight. And I still had these drastic curves between my top and bottom and clothes still didn’t work on me. Clothes I want so desperately to be able to wear. (Such as the pictures included in this post, btw.) And all of this saddens me. I mean shit, I can’t even represent a band t-shirt without looking like the blob which is what I’d probably most often wear if my body let me.

I would never be one of those people to have *work* done to be the person I see myself being, but I wish I could make it happen naturally. That God would grace me with what my mind tells me I look like if I tried really hard for it. Because I hate that instead of representing myself on the outside the way I feel on the inside I must resort to frumpy clothes and sizes that disgust me because I am who I am.

In truth, I can’t believe I relieved this because I’ve long accepted the fact that I will never be who my mind imagines, but something tells me I’m not alone, that I can’t possibly be the only person who sees themselves differently than they really are and because of that alone I felt the need to reach out to you.

How many of you feel this way? If you could be the person you are on the inside on the outside what would it look like?

Peace – Sarah