Weekend Recap

This month has been packed to the brim with “stuff to do” and this past weekend was no exception.

My Dad turned 50 yesterday and being the big kid that he is a party was a must! My mom wanted to surprise him though, because he would appreciate that far more than anything else. What he thought would be lunch with his parents at my Uncle’s restaurant Little Havana turned out to be a surprise party with 40 of his closest/oldest friends and family and his happiness was undeniable! He said he felt like a King 🙂

Happy Birthday To ME!

More pictures from Dad’s Birthday party can be seen HERE!

After Dad’s party, Heath and I headed over to his grandmothers for a surprise visit and then once the sun went down over to 34th Street to see the lights. 34th Street in Baltimore has been featured on several Christmas TV shows and the news for years. Every one who lives on that block participates in Christmas in an extreme way (I think it’s part of the deal if you move there). Every night the owners of these homes allow people onto their property to check out their elaborate displays, some even let you inside their houses.

There are a ton more pictures of this street HERE and I really suggest checking them out. The designs these people come up with are amazing and I have a picture of each house!

Overall it was a GREAT weekend even with it’s busy nature. Sadly though, I still have so much to do before Christmas like actually getting my cards in the mail and finishing my Christmas Short Story… oh and wrapping those few presents left. Sigh. Christmas came too fast this year 🙁

Peace – Sarah



My Home (at Christmas Time)

I don’t have the nicest of decorations (certainly no where near my parents which I envy), but my house is “Christmasfied” and I LOVE it!

Just the smell (Bath & Body Works Wallflowers – Vanilla Bean Noel) and the ambiance alone (low lights and Christmas music) make me super happy and totally in the Christmas mood. Every time I walk into my living room (especially) I stop and pause and remember – It’s Christmas!

Now my office (where I spend most of my time) is also decorated for Christmas…. See:

*Fit with Tay’s cardboard box house (which I wrapped for the season) because she likes the weirdest things*

But my living room looks so much more festive as a whole… See:

How do you decorate for the holidays? Do you follow a certain theme or just run with whatever you have? Do you put up multiple trees? Post pictures because I’d love to see Christmas at your home!

Peace – Sarah



Christmas Cookie Madness

Most people that know me know that I don’t cook. There are a few things I can cook, like a mean pot roast (in the crock pot) and killer macaroni & cheese (even with the barest ingredients), but generally cooking is not my forte. Baking, however, at Christmas is. During Christmas Heath calls our kitchen a Keebler Elf Cookie Factory, me being the elf of course. 🙂

My recipe is my mothers, something she got from someone else when we were kids, but has baked every Christmas and my cookies turn out just as good as hers which means I must have paid attention at some point all those years ago when I helped her bake them at Christmas. I give out cookies as gifts and usually the receivers of those cookies enjoy them greatly, but giving cookies as gifts requires making an obscene amount of cookies (thus the Keebler Elf Cookie Factory title).

This year I baked my cookies in two batches (because it takes hours and this Christmas season has been crazy busy). The first batch yielded 140 cookies – 68 chocolate chips and 72 chocolate chips with walnuts.

Most of these were sent out to friends in the mail and given to neighbors. The second batch yielded 120 cookies – 55 chocolate chips and 65 chocolate chips with walnuts – all of which were divvied up for my work friends and family.

Luckily, there were very few left over in the end so that I’m not left with a ton of something I find so absolutely yummy. I do always enjoy at least one warm one just to make sure they’re turning out alright, but I prefer to have none lingering around in the end and this year I planned it just right!

Do any of you bake for Christmas and if so, what do you bake?

Peace – Sarah



Christmas Movie Collections

Every Christmas I typically treat myself to a Christmas movie to add to my growing Christmas collection. For some reason Christmas movies are never cheap and I always feel bad about splurging on myself during the holiday season when I should be spending all of my money on my friends and family so I limit myself to one a year. Because of this though, my collection is still semi-shabby. I own my absolute favorites though and then a few I’ve grown to love over the years.

I’m going to try to put them in order starting with my most favorite, but whatever waits at the end of this list is by no means my least favorite. With Christmas movies, it’s just hard not to love them all.

1. A Christmas Story
2. White Christmas
3. It’s a Wonderful Life
4. Miracle on 34th Street (The original)
5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
6. The Grinch who stole Christmas (Both the Cartoon & Jim Carrey Version)
7. Home Alone
8. Elf
9. The Santa Clause (All 3)
10. The Polar Express
11. This Christmas
12. Christmas with the Kranks

Movies that would definitely make this list, but I have still yet to purchase would be A Charlie Brown Christmas & A Christmas Carol (The Original). Maybe one of those will be my treat to myself this year. 🙂

Since I don’t have enough movies to watch one each day leading up to Christmas, I try to spread them out evenly across the month. And even though I listed them starting with my favorite, I typically watch this list in reverse. Watching A Christmas Story is a must on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and TBS usually makes it impossible to miss even if I didn’t own the DVD).

So, LJ friends, what are your favorite Christmas movies and/or what’s in your personal collection?

Peace – Sarah



Miss Me?

Probably not, but that’s okay. I’ve been facing possibly the worst days of my career over the past week, in addition to drama in all of the important parts of my life, and by the time I get home I’m so spent I just can’t seem to find enough oomph to make it online. Today was no exception, in fact in comparison to all of the other terrible days, today was the worst. I even cried today, the stress was just too much. I have a deadline to make by tomorrow and I’m not sure I’ll be capable of it, regardless of how hard I’m trying and that just makes me feel worthless.

But enough of that boo hoo crap. In my absence some noteworthy things did happen, like:

My new books arrived! You know those ones I got to buy myself as a Christmas gift from diamante_negra without breaking my own forbidden-to-buy-books rule? I’m so excited I could squeal (Okay, I actually did)! I feel like a proud parent, they’re just so beautiful.

Also, these are the other books I’ve received since October and haven’t posted pictures of, which are still totally pet worthy:

You would think these newbie’s would satisfy my desire to buy books a little more than it is, but I’m already hoping the majority of my Christmas gifts this year are books. I hope to be overloaded with them. Oh, Christmas get here soon!

Question for the Comments: What books are you anticipating the most for Christmas?

Speaking of books, I read FALLEN last week courtesy of poseiwriting and have since started TORMENT. So far it’s an excellent series and only making me more eager to start my own angel story in 2011 (hopefully).

I got a little bit of writing accomplished this weekend, which is good since I haven’t been giving my book much thought lately. Well actually that’s not true. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but not in a get-writing sort of way. But I finally felt compelled this weekend.

My sister had her first sonogram last week and her 7 ½ week old “nugget” (as she’s calling it right now) is perfectly healthy. She’s also settling on her first home in the first week of December so things are really looking up for her, which of course makes me happy because I love her!

And lastly, this news isn’t exactly great, but could potentially have some positive side effects. My most recent blood work came back with even worse hypothyroidism and high cholesterol than the last time. My doctor put me on Levothyroxin for the thyroid issue in hopes that it will help the cholesterol as well. So far, the medicine is making me a bit hyper, but I’m told that’s to be expected since I’m going from virtually having no metabolism to suddenly having one with the help of pills. I’m also told that will even out, but that being on medicine may help my weight loss issues and my constant exhaustion. So, I suppose if those things come out of having this issue then it’s not so bad.

I know I’m super behind on LJ and I promise I’m trying to catch up. Please forgive me if it takes a little bit.

Peace – Sarah