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Every Christmas I typically treat myself to a Christmas movie to add to my growing Christmas collection. For some reason Christmas movies are never cheap and I always feel bad about splurging on myself during the holiday season when I should be spending all of my money on my friends and family so I limit myself to one a year. Because of this though, my collection is still semi-shabby. I own my absolute favorites though and then a few I’ve grown to love over the years.

I’m going to try to put them in order starting with my most favorite, but whatever waits at the end of this list is by no means my least favorite. With Christmas movies, it’s just hard not to love them all.

1. A Christmas Story
2. White Christmas
3. It’s a Wonderful Life
4. Miracle on 34th Street (The original)
5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
6. The Grinch who stole Christmas (Both the Cartoon & Jim Carrey Version)
7. Home Alone
8. Elf
9. The Santa Clause (All 3)
10. The Polar Express
11. This Christmas
12. Christmas with the Kranks

Movies that would definitely make this list, but I have still yet to purchase would be A Charlie Brown Christmas & A Christmas Carol (The Original). Maybe one of those will be my treat to myself this year. 🙂

Since I don’t have enough movies to watch one each day leading up to Christmas, I try to spread them out evenly across the month. And even though I listed them starting with my favorite, I typically watch this list in reverse. Watching A Christmas Story is a must on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and TBS usually makes it impossible to miss even if I didn’t own the DVD).

So, LJ friends, what are your favorite Christmas movies and/or what’s in your personal collection?

Peace – Sarah