Weekend Full of Awesome

Lately, I can’t always count on my weekends to be fun or productive or much more than just zoning out and regaining my sanity after an insane work week. Because it’s the only time I get to unwind and do more than just work, it depresses me when it’s over without anything worth noting.


The past few weekends have been like these uneventful, over-too-soon breaks in my work life. But not this weekend. No, this weekend was made of awesome.


It started Friday, by having off for Good Friday, which by itself felt like a much needed gift. I got nine hours of sleep for the first time in months, caught up on the internet a bit, and dove into a book for the first time since January. A book that totally rejuvenated my creative mind.


Saturday it took me a little while to get started and I worried I’d lost my prime morning productivity time, but I sat down with my nightmare novel Dreamsters just before noon, determined to finally reach it’s end and just over 2K later, I did! I FINISHED MY FIRST NOVEL! It’s probably not as exciting to most as it is to me, but I’ve been working on the same 4 novels for the last 5 years. For a while there I was starting to think I’d never reach the end. I’d never reached any of the ends of my scripts as a teen/young adult and while I have finished a handful of short stories, I was really worried I just didn’t have what it took to actually write a full novel. It feels incredible to have proved myself wrong. It’s was hours before I could get my heart to settle down over it so I set out to bake an Apple-Berry pie for Easter. I took photos of the process this time and posted the recipe in case you’d like to try it out.



Click HERE for the recipe!


Today I had to be up early to help Mom at church all day for Easter breakfast/brunch. In the years past this has completely wiped me out and it definitely did this year, too, but it was somehow more fulfilling than in years past. More than 400 people showed up for service and there was a lot of great fellowship. I had intended on crashing when I got home, but I stopped by my Maw Maw’s and looked through old family photos (some of which I stole to scan for Throwback Thursday) and then headed home to do a little cleaning in the living room because I finally got a new bookcase! It’s not new as in freshly built from the store, but new to me. It still doesn’t house all of my books, but a heck of a a lot of them, freeing up the previously improper places for any new additions. The living room feels a little crowded now, but overall I’m happier with a proper home for my biggest collection.



(New Bookcase all the way to the right!)

I’m yawning as a I write this and I’m not really ready to go back to work tomorrow, but for once I’m feeling really good about how I spent my weekend. And even though I know I’ll be sleepy tomorrow morning, I’ll be mentally sound and that’s worth a lot in my world.


How was your Easter weekend?



The Giant Bookcase Post

I have been fighting the urge to post this since my dad built me this amazing bookcase 2 weeks ago, but the wait is over! I’m excited about this post for two reasons:

1. My books finally have a home (and a rather nice one at that)
2. I really enjoy admiring other people’s book collections

So, the point of this post is not only to share my *babies* with you, but for you to do the same and spread the word. Let’s see how all of our collections compare. Let’s all drool together over the books other people have and we want. 😉

Without further ado, my bookcase.

Overall Bookcase, beautifully made my Dad.
(I’ve already warned him I’ll be needing another soon as this one is already almost full)

Bottom Shelf: Non-Fiction

2nd Shelf up from the bottom: Fiction

3rd Shelf up from the bottom: Fiction

Top Shelves: Fiction & Library book(s)

Now friends, post yours! Pretty please?

Peace – Sarah


P.S. I’m sure it was hard to miss my love for Winnie the Pooh. I’ve collected those globes since I was in middle school. I also have a strange love for toys in general, so yes, that is a custom made My Little Pony. Don’t laugh (well go ahead if you want to I guess), I’m just a big kid trapped in an aging body.


P.S.S. Coming Soon: A similar post showcasing my ridiculously enormous DVD collection, primarily for alice_vd 🙂



Wednesday Randoms

I wrote the sweetest 1,000 words scene today. Super innocent and adorable, although I’m not sure it will actually make it in the final draft. It all depends on how well it fits once I’ve written up to it and past it. That Keane song “Spiralling” and this picture of Aly Michalka (Teagan in my eyes) inspired it and while I think it really highlights the development of the friendship between Bryce, Brynn, and Teagan (which is important primarily for Teagan) I’m not sure how important as a whole it actually is to the story. It’s really cute though. Maybe it will be a bonus scene to share one day if it doesn’t make the cut.

I also wrote a little over 2,000 words yesterday for a scene I was mulling over last week, but thinking about it now I know there definitely needs to be some changes. Like Teagan has a dog and he’s with her in the scene, but I failed to mention this and that’s a huge error on my part because any dog fans would immediately catch the mistake. No biggy though, I wasn’t finished with it anyway so I can make the minor adjustments and wrap it up hopefully in the next few days.

I’ve been writing a couple of chapters at the same time because rather than let one stump me for long I just sit it aside and move on. Now it’s got me straddling three at the same time though which kind of sucks. I am really close to completing one of them though after what I wrote this past weekend. I also finished making all of my redline edits (on the actual word documents) so those chapters are good to go. I will not look at them again until I read the entire thing through.

Outside of writing, some of my new books came today, but somehow not in the right order so I have to wait before I continue with the next book in the Dark-Hunter series. But I can start reading my Dark-Hunter Manga today (which is backwards BTW – I did not expect that!)

Also, I have a small update on the Mayo Thief (for those who were entertained by his antics). He bought a new bottle. A large one too and didn’t even mark it as just his. I’d say our little prank taught him a lesson, even if we didn’t get to enjoy the fire we were expecting out of him.

And lastly, I’m going to be starting a “Post your Bookcase” chain style thing probably on the first of September. I was waiting for Heather (edgyauthor) to get home so she could participate too and even though she’s finally back, I’d like to give her time to *clean her room, like she stated in her last post* and settle in. I’d also like the rest of my books to arrive so my shelf is looking full 😉 Be ready to post yours too friends. I want to lavish in all the books you have and I want. I know I only enable my book wanting/buying habit further, but oh well.

Peace – Sarah



Dialogue stumps me…

So while I’ve gotten all sorts of non-writing things accomplished today, these two chapters I’m trying to complete are killing me. I hear the dialogue in my head and I like it, but every time I put it on paper it feels forced. I’ve even acted it out with myself and it feels good, but again once it’s in text it feels ridiculous, unnatural. It’s driving me insane. I was doing so good with the steady progress (almost 10,000 words this week with a handful of handwritten pages – even if I didn’t keep all of those words), but now I’m at a stand still and I hate it. Why can’t the words look like they sound in my head? UGH!

Peace – Sarah


Note to Bookcase: Please stop taunting me to come out in the living room and stare at you. You’re really not helping my writing woes. I know you’re all new and beautiful and I’m thrilled to finally own you, but you’re distracting me more than I need to be distracted right now. Give it a break, please? I will give you the recognition you desire soon, I promise. Okay?