Dialogue stumps me…

So while I’ve gotten all sorts of non-writing things accomplished today, these two chapters I’m trying to complete are killing me. I hear the dialogue in my head and I like it, but every time I put it on paper it feels forced. I’ve even acted it out with myself and it feels good, but again once it’s in text it feels ridiculous, unnatural. It’s driving me insane. I was doing so good with the steady progress (almost 10,000 words this week with a handful of handwritten pages – even if I didn’t keep all of those words), but now I’m at a stand still and I hate it. Why can’t the words look like they sound in my head? UGH!

Peace – Sarah


Note to Bookcase: Please stop taunting me to come out in the living room and stare at you. You’re really not helping my writing woes. I know you’re all new and beautiful and I’m thrilled to finally own you, but you’re distracting me more than I need to be distracted right now. Give it a break, please? I will give you the recognition you desire soon, I promise. Okay?