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… But it’s back now. ::Sigh of relief::

Seriously, this was me reading NIGHT EMBRACE (Dark-Hunter Book 3) over the last two days.

Last night…

Heath: Babe, it’s my birthday…
Me: ::Laughing out loud at the book:: I know babe, let me just read a little more, it’s so funny.
Me: ::Continues to read ALL night, Heath’s birthday is basically ignored::


Me: ::Sneaks a few pages every couple of minutes throughout the entire day. Reading 100 pages by the days end (when I should have been working)::

-After Work-

Grocery Shopping…

Me: ::Contemplates taking book into store with me, but knows Heath will think it’s ridiculous::
Me: ::Rushes through store like a madwoman::
Heath: Good Lord, is that book really worth a race? It will be there when we get back to the car.
Me: ::Grabs things quickly from other isles and returns them to the cart before Heath’s even moved:: It’s that good babe, I can’t help it.
Heath: Wow. ::Shakes head in disbelief::

Exiting Store…

Me: How about you load the car and return the cart so I can…
Heath: Yeah, I figured. ::Laughs::


Me: Okay, let me hurry and put these away…
Heath: ::Pushes me out of kitchen:: Just go finish the damn book already. You’re getting on my nerves.
Me: ::Squeals and exits without argument to return to the book::


See? Soul sucking. It’s like you can’t even breathe until you’re finished. So yeah, I finished a 400 page book in less than 24 hours (24 hours of which I wasn’t awake for part of and couldn’t completely stay focused on to read because of other obligations).

Sick? Maybe. Awesome, though? Yes!

I laughed out loud for this book more than I had for any of the others. The character building is so absolutely awesome and the comradery amongst previous books characters is just perfect. You can’t help but feel like these people are people you know. Like you wouldn’t be whipping the same cracks at them. And then the love…. it’s just… indescribable. The battle, the history, there’s seriously so much depth to each story it’s unbelievable. It literally takes over your mind until completion.

Sherrilyn Kenyon, I love you.

::Okay Sarah, breathe::

Now, onto other things worth noting.

1. I must make up for the lack of Heath’s birthday celebration this weekend.
2. I have the next 4 days off of work!!!
3. I will post bookcase post tomorrow.
4. I need to complete this months writing goals before Saturday.
5. I got 6 new CD’s from the library to preview which include The Black Keys, Flyleaf, The Afters, and Skillet.
6. I need to try to restrain myself from reading the next Dark-Hunter book for at least a day (which will be hard because it’s already in my possession).
7. I’d like to attempt to start workout regimen in my time off.
8. There’s a hurricane approaching which A: might bring crazy rains and B: is supposedly bringing Fall like temperatures with it after wards (which makes me uber thrilled).

That is all…

Man I feel so high right now after reading that book. Do books do that to you guys? Give you such a light feeling in your mind it’s like you’re floating? Oh if they don’t, I feel sorry for you. You have no idea what you’re missing.

Peace – Sarah